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10 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love


It’s not too late to get your dad the perfect gift!

Father’s Day is less than four days away, and if you’ve forgotten to buy your dad something, don’t worry about it – get on it TODAY, and there’s still a chance he’ll never know just how terrible a child you really are. Just kidding! Here you go:

For The Dad Who Likes To Treat Himself

Kama Ayurveda makes gorgeous, all-natural, super effective products for the hair, face and body. For men, the stars of the line include the Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Face Scrub for Men, the Pure Vetiver Water, which works great as an aftershave (and smells great to boot), the Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser and the Rejuvenating and Brigthening Ayurvedic Night Cream. After all, dads need pampering, too.

Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Face Scrub For Men, Rs. 750, Pure Vetiver Water, Rs. 645, Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser, Rs. 540, Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream, Rs. 1,650, all available on Amazon.in. 

For The Dad Who Loves His Whiskey

Take it from us – if your dad likes his whiskey, these Noova Ice Ball Makers are going to change his life. The mold will make 4 slow-melting whiskey ice balls that will chill his drink without diluting it, for the perfect drink everytime. And if your dad fancies himself a bit of a bartender, they can even be flavoured for fun with cocktails!

Rs. 2,299, available here

For The Clean Shaven Dad

With a precision trimmer, 5-direction flex heads and a skin protection system, the Philips Aquatouch Electric Shaver is, according to our social media manager Jai Sehgal, the king of all electric shavers.

Rs. 3,715, available here

For The Dad Who Loves To Read

The Kindle has single-handedly changed our lives – not only does it allow you the ability to carry your entire library with you everywhere you go, it’s also perfect for reading under any light, so get your Dad one and you can be sure he won’t be keeping your mum up with his late night reading. The best bit? He’ll be able to buy his favourite books with the touch of a button!

Rs. 5,999, available here

For The Dad Who’s Rediscovered Fitness

Whether your dad’s working on getting rid of his dadbod or just loves keeping up with the latest fitness trends, you can’t go wrong with a FitBit – this one will track his steps, calories burned and active minutes through the day, while allowing him to see his daily fitness stats – it’ll even help him track how well he sleeps and wake him up with a silent alarm every morning!

Rs. 11,499, available here

For The Dad Who Loves To FaceTime

iPads are great because they provide endless hours of portable entertainment– so whether your father’s into fitness apps, online games or just loves FaceTiming you wherever you are, he’s going to love this iPad Mini 2 – in a manly Space Grey, too.

Rs. 18,999, available here

For Pretty Much Every Dad

Who doesn’t love a well-designed shirt? This striped one from Woolmark Prize Winner Suket Dhir features a round neck for a twist on an old classic that we guarantee your dad will wear for ages.

Rs. 4,650, available here

Happy Father's Day!

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