4 Great Rose-Scented Products For The Summer

Komal Basith

Now that summer’s here in full swing, we’d like to suggest that you trade all of your beauty products in for something season-specific; something to remind you of gardens and sunshine and happiness all season long – we’re talking about roses!

Before you roll your eyes, know that we’re just as wary of cloying, heavy, rose-scented products as you are, which is why we’ve picked only the ones that are light enough to effectively moisturise, buff and refresh your body this summer without ever straying into grandmotherly territory. Besides, we’ve actually been using these products over the last month, so when we say these are our favourites, we’re for real.

When it comes to rose beauty products, we’re of the opinion that nobody does them better than Indian beauty brands – so without further adieu, here are some of the best, most luxurious local, rose-scented products money can buy.

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