5 Best Face Serums According To Popular And Expert Choice

Naaila Khan

So if you’re planning to save up a significant chunk of earnings on shoes in the near future, that’s great (tell us they’re the Rihanna 9-5 boots!), but some of us like to invest in something that’s going to reap us years’ worth of reward – a superb face serum, to be precise. There’s nothing more desirable than amazing skin, if you ask us. (In fact, it’s right up there on my list of to-die-for things, second only to owning a baby panda.)

Good thing is, facial serums are probably the easiest route to achieving the best skin of your life – and no one has to die! As editor-in-chief of Jossbox and owner of great skin, Komal Basith, puts it: “I don’t even know how I ever considered myself a legitimate skincare buff before serums changed my life – and my skin.”

The tricky part though, is that these are spendy little things, and it takes quite a bit of sussing to zero in on the one that’s your skin’s soulmate, and hence, worth the splurge. We thought we’d make it easier for you, so you don’t have to kiss too many wrong frogs to get there.

Here are the best serums handpicked by us from direct recommendation – you can put your money on these, guaranteed! 


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