5 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Do At Home


All you need is a pair of hands!

Most people are quite lazy when it comes to styling their hair. Leaving it as is and open, or just tied up in a ponytail when it’s a bit dirty has become the norm. No one really experiments or tries something new unless they’re in a salon and someone else is doing it for them. It’s not our fault really, all the hairstyles we see on celebrities and try to take inspiration from are quite hard to imitate. And it’s not like they do it themselves either.

But what if I told you that there were some celebrity-inspired dos that are simple enough to do yourself; you just need your own two hands. Would you try them?

Take a look at these 5 hairstyles and remember, practice makes perfect!

Deepika Padukone’s Low Bun

How To: Tie straightened hair into a regular bun just a little higher than the nape of your neck. Don’t be afraid to let bits of hair stick out, it’s supposed to be messy. Once you’ve tied it, loosen bits of hair, section by section, from the crown to make it look more voluminous. If you like, you can free up some strands around your temple and parting to frame your face.

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You could do the same thing to get this look, just tie your hair in a low ponytail instead of the bun.


Alia Bhatt’s Headband & Waves

How To: If you have straight hair, take your curling rod and curl it. Once the whole head is done, gently brush it out so the curls don’t appear tight and they loosen up. Grab your favorite hairband and instead of wearing it normally, place it closer to your forehead. Voilà!


Sonam Kapoor’s Golden Braid

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How To: This is easily one of my favorites and the simplest of Namrata Soni’s styles. Braid your hair however you like. It could be a French braid like Sonam or even a regular one. Take a piece of gold chord, from your local crafts store and wrap it along the bottom like you’re seeing in the photo. It’s easy and perfect for festive season!


Aditi Rao Hydari’s Slick Parting

How To: Aditi’s signature red carpet parting might look basic, but it actually requires a little trick. Straighten your hair and part it down the middle. Now take two thin sections from the front, on both sides of the part and bring them to the back, under all your hair and at the nape of your neck. Now tie them together with a tiny rubber band. You can either leave your hair open or tie it in a ponytail. Smoothen the flyaway hair with hairspray and your parting won’t budge all night.


An Ariana Grande Half Ponytail

How To: The reason Cara Delevingne and Ariana Grande’s ponytails look this luscious and long is because it isn’t just one ponytail. Place both your thumbs on your face at the beginning of your ears. Now start moving up towards the top of your head and tie that section into a high ponytail. Leave the lower section open as is at the bottom. The fact that the bottom isn’t tied up makes your ponytail look much longer and thicker than normal.


By Anushka Mulchandani


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