5 Ways To Style Overalls


‘Farmer Chic’ is taking over street style

It’s nearly the end of fall season and while the world is celebrating its numbered days of pumpkin spice everything and its stunning fall trends in all its deep-plum-layered glory, we’re still hunting for complementary styles that offer us the bravura of layers but also allows fair amount of air-flow because well, it is mid-November and is the heat in the air is still persistent.

Safe to say we found an alternative. How do you ask? Those versatile overalls! You probably remember Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sporting them on their reality show The Simple Life (2007). The spring trend still persists through the fall season this year. Odds are your Mum dumped you in them as a child and now, you’ve got some serious resentment towards them, but we promise they have made a comeback in the chicest way, especially on the streets of Hollywood and are sported by celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Hilary Duff!

Get inspired to give them old overalls a chance with a modern twist. Here are some of our favourite ways to wear them!

Chequered Dress by BIAS

Apron Dress by The Runaway Bicycle

Stripe Jacket by Doodlage

Sneakers by Adidas originals


Dress by The Summer House

Jacket by The Meraki Project

Sneakers by Adidas Originals


Shirt by The Summer House

Pinafore Dress by Bhane at Koovs

Sneakers by Adidas Originals


Dress by Door of Maai

Sneakers by Adidas Originals


Top by Koovs

Suspender Pants by Summation

Sneakers by Adidas Originals at Koovs



Photographs : Debjyoti Das

Fashion : Niyati Hirani

Make-Up & Hair : Shruthi Julta

Talent : Zhanna at INEGA

Special Thanks to Ms. Janet 

By Meghana Rabindranath


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