6 All Natural Beauty Brands You Can Buy In India


Ever opened a new lipstick and rolled it all the way up to see those shimmery clear lines and that delicate spiral – a new lipstick that looks so good you could eat it? I felt this way, until not very long ago a fruit roll up (yea, do you remember those from the 90's – the ones with the temporary tattoos on the inside?) quizzed me on the ingredients that lipsticks are made of. I was shocked to say the least when I learnt the correct answer out of fish scales, apple peels, pig lips and sea shells was in fact, fish scales!

Think about it – if it's going on your skin, it really should be good enough to eat. So considering the increasing number of allergens and chemicals that are being dumped into makeup products under misleading names, we've taken some time to find cosmetic products and brands that are paraben free and as close to being natural as possible.

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Ayca is a paraben free luxury bath and wellness brand. Using recipes that have been created and passed down through generations, their hand blended products exude holistic replenishment. The bases of their products are made from aqueous extracts of neem leaf, cinnamon, cypress bark, globethistle flowers and essential oils. Instead of parabens, Ayca uses a cellulose derived preservative – we reckon this is the best part! Try their Aloe Vera Gel and Jasmine and Rose Body Oil and you'll know what we're talking about. Also, if you’re wondering, they test their products on friends, because they love animals more. As one should. ​

Email talk@ayca.in to order. Free delivery all over Delhi.



Do Bandar creates their products from scratch influenced by Ayurvedic and Mughal cleansing rituals. Their soaps and scrubs are paraben, sulphate, SLES and artificial fragrance free. They buy recycled paper and packaging material, hand wrap their soaps in banana fiber paper, as well as use recyclable glass bottles for their products. Try their honeysuckle soap – it's a personal favourite! What's better? They have a pet line; yessir! Oat, cedar wood and rosemary dog soap just made your pooch's day. 


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We are especially excited for this one because we no longer need to wait to leave the country to devour Burt’s Bees’ products. That's right – they are now in India courtesy Sephora. Their maternity cosmetic line has us super excited, what with their Mama Bee Belly Butter and Nourishing Body Oil. Their baby and mom line has no phthalates, parabens, petroleum or SLS. 



This one is key! Full disclosure: Most often I don't use sunscreen because of the plethora of unpronounceable ingredients in them – especially if I'm sweating, I don’t want to be filling my open pores up with this stuff. The Organic Harvest Sun screen is completely natural, hypoallergenic, paraben and soap free. They use olive oil, with clay minerals and a certified eco gel. Try their monsoon sunscreen - this one goes a long way because although it's cloudy, UV and UV-B Rays still get through and we never think to protect ourselves when it's raining! 



This makeup brand is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in sustainable and recyclable packaging. A lot of their products use raw plant based oils which do wonders for the skin. They also try to keep their ingredients simple with no more than 5-6 ingredients in a product – and these are either plant or mineral based. We especially love their dusting powder and concealer. 



You can't help but fall in love with this brand! They are gluten, paraben, phthalates and fragrance free – most of which give me allergic reactions. Their lipsticks use hemp seed oil, plant waxes and naturally occurring Vitamin E to nourish and protect your lips. They use completely natural plant dyes, so while they may not have the deep dark hues that some would like, they add a bit of a colour and make you want to kiss your own lips. 




Tansha Vohra


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