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6 Korean Fashion Websites That Ship To India

Naaila Khan

While there’s nothing more revered in the beauty world as Korean offerings, the republic is also winning the game when it comes to fashion: think young, fresh and trend forward, and Korean fashion flashes to mind faster than you can say street style. From off-shoulders to sweatshirt dresses and platform sneakers, it’s spot on with nailing the coolest trends, sometimes even before they become worldwide phenomena. But the best part? It’s super affordable! – quickly satisfying our need for fast fashion, because it is going to take a while saving up for that one Alexander McQueen silk scarf, isn’t it?

Don’t worry though, there’s no need to hunt down that one cramped Korean plaza in your city – and you can also spare yourself flight tickets to Seoul, because we rounded up the best shopping websites that deliver to India – some even with free international shipping!

Check these out, and go fill your carts!




Does your style range from cool girl to preppy chic with a bit of vintage thrown in? This should be the site you frequent for classy outerwear, minimalist dresses, even adorable accessories. If you’re a guy, no need to feel left out – they have tons of cool clothing for you too, especially casual winter wear like puffer jackets and knit wear.

Purchases above $150 are free and shipping should take about 2 weeks at the most. 


Click on the images to view more.




While this site has pretty great casual clothing for women (nothing for the men here, sorry!) including a great range of super cute swim wear, what stole our hearts was their the cool-as-hell collection of shoes – everything from platforms, slides, lace-ups, ballets, oxfords, to stilettos, wedges and dressy boots – yup, literally a shoe store in here. Also worthy of special mention: the wide variety of adorable phone cases – cartoons, pomp poms, charms, crystals, quotes, whatever your style.

Tip: Change your setting to rupees on the top right so you don’t have to number crunch much. Oh, and everything over $75 is free shipping!




We first came across this goldmine when folk music artiste Kuvelu Tetseo let us in on the fact that it’s probably the only Korean fashion store in India, which got our fingers itching, and we weren’t disappointed to say the least.

They have an array of dresses, a multitude of outerwear, and a selection of shoes, and if the excessive use of adjectives didn’t scream it out yet – you’re going to have a hard time not letting your shopping cart overflow. Also, cash on delivery, check; free shipping all over India, check. You’re welcome. 




Boys, eyes this side again. Tidestore’s got a comprehensive collection of menswear ranging from tees, shirts, and pants to jackets, shoes and accessories. They even have suits for you dapper dudes!

As for the ladies, the collection is pretty much a entire look book of the latest trends spread over more than a couple pages. Plus, they have an awesome collection of bags and a slew of racy, sexy lingerie – everything from lace to mesh to fur. Go indulge yourself.  They have free shipping above $79, but you’re going to exceed that by a hundred dollars anyway. 




Okay, this site might be a little all over the place (it's not just fashion – there's also beauty, home décor, electronics and even K-pop merch!) but in all the right ways, we promise. Because are you really going to pass up on an impressive list of healthy Korean munchies (red ginseng drink, anyone? And if you're wondering, of course there’s wasabi!)

Where fashion is concerned, the site has equally huge collections for both men and women – mainly basics, but also coats, jackets, hoodies, dresses, and sweaters – everything, and bonus: they have a big, yummy collection of makeup, skincare and fragrances.




Akin to the previous Hi Korean Fashion, Yes Style also has truckloads of stuff including clothes for both men and women, beauty (some great finds here), jewellery, bags, accessories and even adorbz kiddy stuff. Basically, there’s nothing you won’t buy at first sight.

There’s also free shipping above Rs. 2500, so you know what you’ve got to do!



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