6 Makeup Products With Legit Skincare Benefits

Naaila Khan

If you asked for the one beauty trend that’s been around a while and promises to hang around a bit longer, we’d say it’s the no-makeup makeup trend. The craze of well-placed, au naturel #flawless makeup made its overpowering presence felt with the advent of the BB cream, and suddenly, there’s a slew of products that aim to deliver skincare benefits for a healthy base + makeup to cover up any residual flaws. The battle for perfect skin has basically come down to religiously following your dermat’s advice and manipulating your love for makeup in the most tactful way possible.

Enter anti-aging blush, hyaluronic acid-charged skin tints and lip colours that double as treatments. Along with multitasking, there’s no denying these skincare-makeup hybrids shave off half your beauty prep time, so you can enjoy the things that actually matter – selfies, anyone?

Below, check out the best two-in-one products that are going to be your new mainstays!


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