6 Easy Ways To Dress Like A Kardashian

Naaila Khan

The 'First Family of America' is loved and hated in equal parts, but there’s one thing no one denies the Kardashian women credit for – upping the style game of an entire generation, one bodysuit at a time.

Each of the sisters is a fashion icon in her own right, with a distinct style and personality, but somehow, the K-clan has managed to carve out a signature style that runs through the family – we won’t be surprised if they shared a secret rule book of Kardashian style (or just their stylist, as you'll see below).

Good thing for us, we decided to break down the girls’ style formula and dish out easy tips to dress like a Kardashian, whether you want to actually give it a shot or have it as a Halloween backup. Here’s the method behind the mod-ness:



That nudes and neutrals are synonymous with the Kardashians is like saying sneakers make any outfit look chic – it’s a no brainer. While Kim in particular started this trend – it’s possible she might’ve simply swapped her entire wardrobe one day for one that’s largely dominated by nudes, black and white, tans, greys, khaki and the occasional army green – it didn’t take long for the rest of the sisters to get on board with the craze.

So cardinal rule of the Kardashian style masterclass: go nude.



The second most important Kardashian style lesson: bodycon is your best friend, so wield it like a super power – especially when you have all that spanx to hold it all in. Little bodycon leather dresses, bodysuits in every style, high neck cutout dresses, tight little midis and two-pieces – we’ll have all of them in super skintight, please.



Outerwear is big at the moment, even on the runways, and it’s hard to resist the trend considering how comfy it looks! If you ask Monica Rose, stylist to 4 out of 5 Kardashians, everything from oversized bombers, longline jackets, dusters coats, faux fur coats, to just large sized T-shirts (Pablo ones, preferably) will instantly take your look from basic to bae-sic. Pro tip: Wear your slouchy outerwear as slouchy as possibly – falling off one shoulder or both, for example.



While lazy style is great, the Kardashian uniform would be nothing without a good dose of luxe fabric thrown in – a satin bomber here, a faux fur coat there. Just one piece made from a gorgeous standout material and you’ve just elevated your ootd. Try leather, lace, and anything sheer.



True dedication to style is only proven when one doesn’t slack on their workout wardrobe – just ask the Kardashians. Kourtney can’t get enough of sexy mesh cutout outfits, and Khloe just has an entire closet for gym wear, including sport shoes in every colour of the rainbow, because why not? POA: Dress sexy to the gym to come out looking even sexier.



The ladies’ massive, elaborate shoe closets (Kris Jenner’s included), all arranged by colour, style, and the magical wish of a unicorn is the stuff urban fashion legend is made of, so it’s only fair to give footwear their due importance. Whether it’s the Yeezy ‘nothing shoe’ that Kim is currently obsessed with, or lace up heels or thigh high boots, chic shoes will get you one step closer to Kardashian #stylegoals, so stock up!




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