7 Beauty Resolutions You Should Actually Keep This Year

Naaila Khan

So we’re already into February, but well, if you didn’t remove your makeup before bed yet again last weekend, you know you should be reading this. As much eye roll-worthy resolutions might be (you never went past day one on that new diet, did you?), it never hurts to rehash those cardinal rules you need to keep checking yourself to remember – especially when it comes to beauty, because for most of us this tends to be a continuous learning curve. You might’ve gotten your eyebrow game up a few levels this year but there’s still that mental bullet point to discover the best day cream, remember?

We decided to help! Here’s an actual (not just mental) list of beauty resolutions you must strive to keep, to have the prettiest, healthiest 2016. Sometimes, gentle reminders do help.

1/7 Know the power of exfoliation

You know by now that dead skin cells aren’t doing anything for you – if anything, they’re only keeping fresh, young skin under wraps. Get well-versed in the different methods of exfoliation as the first step to having the best skin of your life. There are two broad categories when it comes to this – gentle physical exfoliation can be taken care of by a good scrub, mask, or a skin brush (like the much-loved Clarisonic), and chemical peels that typically contain retinols or AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) peel off the first layer of skin. Generally, a physical method to get all that gunk out is a good bet for every type, though sensitive skins might want to rethink a chemical peel.

2/7 Be adventurous with your base

Okay, you’ve probably found the perfect base in the perfect shade for your makeup routine, whether it be foundation, concealer, compact, or a primer, but don’t let yourself be content and stick with it forever. Sure, it’ll always be your go-to, but there’s so many new entrants in the market that are changing up the makeup game – especially when you factor in a little country called Korea. We now have the hybrids – BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, light-refracting HD foundations, liquid to powder bases, pigments suspended in oil, formulas that pack in SPF, skin brightening and primer benefits, pore-minimizing bases, formulas that lend an airbrushed finish – there’s so many to consider. Need some help? We asked your favourite makeup artists for their favourite foundation picks!

Also, here are some new wave foundations you definitely need to try:

Click on the images to view more.


3/7 Sunscreen is still your BFF

All day, erryday – that’s the idea when it comes to SPF. Dermats and beauty experts we speak to can’t seem to reinforce the mantra enough – sunscreen isn’t just for the beach, it’s for every time you step out – whether the sun’s out or not. By cultivating the skin-friendly habit, you’re not just delaying aging and hyperpigmentation, but also warding off skin diseases like melanoma. Pick one that’s suitable to your skin type, the climate and your preference (matte, sheer, etc.) Here’s everything you need to know about covering up – when it’s sun protection, more is always more, you’ll see!

4/7 Remove makeup everyday without fail

Too tired to function, too heartbreaking to wipe off what took you a while, in the mood to Netflix and hibernate – you’re never going to run out of excuses to not remove your makeup before bed and that needs to change! Makeup clogs your pores, which is why you probably wake up with a breakout the next morning, and if you’re a repeat offender, clogged pores lead to the formation of a microcomedone, attracting more acne-causing bacteria. Makeup also holds on to free radicals in the environment, causing the breakdown of healthy collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. And sorry, you can’t cheat with mascara as well – not only does rubbing mascara and eyeliner against your pillow potentially irritate your eyes, it can also lead to bacteria buildup and bumps around the eye over time. Don’t take chances – just stash some makeup remover wipes by your bed and take it all off. Or do it like Bollywood's favourite makeup artist Bianca Haortkopf.

Here are some favourites that take makeup like champs – use them before you dive head-first into the sheets.

5/7 Figure out an antiaging nighttime routine

Dr. Jamuna Pai ideally recommends starting off an anti aging routine by your mid-20s to delay early maturing of skin (or even earlier if you have an outdoorsy lifestyle), and it first starts with figuring out a suitable nighttime regime, seeing as it’s the precious window period when blood flow to the skin increases, in turn helping the cell renewal process. There are a myriad creams dedicated to the purpose, but the answer lies in finding the right one for your skin, and that might take some trial and error. Layering your skincare is also a great idea to benefit from different formulas.

Here’s a guide on how to choose a night skin regimen that’s suitable to your skin type and different needs, courtesy three of the best dermats in the country. 

6/7 Have your signature makeup look down pat

Do you prefer a full-coverage foundation or a multitasking BB as your daily base? Are you an eye person or a lip person? Can you highlight to save your life? Do you know how to contour, but you know, naturally? Figuring out a standard makeup look for going out might take a little while, but knowing what exactly to do is totally worth it when you when you have just 5 minutes to dash out in the mornings. Here’s a quick sunkissed makeup look, here we show you bold lip and eye pairings, and if you have small eyes, these are some makeup tricks you should know!

7/7 Make your peace with your natural hair

Most of us have gone through quite a few hair makeovers by now (some of which you’d prefer to erase from memory), but judging by the age we live in, you’ll see it’s time to embrace your natural hair texture and celebrate it! What you should know is how to deal with what you’ve got – for curly and frizzy hair, keep combing to a minimum, use sufficient conditioner at the ends and a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush to detangle wet hair even before you’re out the shower. For straight, fine haired girls, using a minimum amount of product and styling tools is best lest they go limp, and dry shampoo can be a life saver. Hair static can also be a huge problem – here are some dos and don’ts on how to deal with it. If you’re a hair colouring enthusiast, these are the golden rules to follow when bleaching is involved.

Also, when it comes to hair, using the right brush suitable to your hair type is half the battle won. Here’s what to remember: a paddle brush for straight hair, a ceramic round brush for frizzy hair, a wide toothed comb for wavy hair and a wet brush for natural curls – check this guide we made about hairbrushes for different hair types and needs.

Here's to a beautiful 2016!


Image Courtesy: Karen Walker Eyewear


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