7 Things To Get From The M.A.C. x Charlotte Olympia Collaboration

Komal Basith

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia is finally in India! The cosmetics giant tied up with one of our favourite shoe and handbag designers, known for her ultra luxe take on vintage nostalgia, and we’re loving how her glamorous retro glam aesthetic extends to the collection. And while there’s some beautiful makeup in the collection, it’s the drop dead gorgeous accessories that have really got our hearts beating faster. We’re planning on stocking up this weekend – here’s what we have our eye on!


M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Makeup Bag

We’re suckers for a cute makeup bag,  and this one is the first thing we’re getting from the collection. We love that it’s clear, which will allow us to see exactly which products we’ve stashed without having to dig through our handbags for on the go touchups.

Rs 4,000

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Lip Mix


Not gonna lie, we’re probably going to get these glosses for the packaging alone (wouldn’t be the first time, either) – but the fact that they promise to be non-sticky and long lasting doesn’t hurt, either.

Rs 1,750

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Studio Nail Lacquer


One of the reasons we’re so excited about this collections is because it’s like they read our mind – nothing says summer like an all-white manicure, and we’ve been looking for the perfect thick, creamy white – voila! Good Old Days is the perfect retro-inspired shade, while the orangey-red To Have Or Have Not and the burgundy red Old Fashioned are going to be on pretty heavy rotation on our dressers – and nails – this season.

Rs. 1,150

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Blot Film


If you’re going to carry blotting paper around – and with the unprecedented heat wave that’s a guarantee – you may as well carry one that puts a smile on your face every time you whip it out.

Rs. 1,300

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Cream Colour Base

Looking to do a sultry brown smokey eye? Golden Age is the perfect shimmery bronze for highlighting the centre and inner corner of the lid, while Sepia is an Instagram filter-worthy deep, chocolate brown to swipe onto your crease and under the eye.

Rs. 1,800

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Eyelash Curler and Zoom Lash Mascara


We’re diehard fans of our Shu Uemura lash curlers, but that hasn’t stopped us eyeing this beautiful metallic gold one – and what do you know, we just ran out of Zoom Lash mascara in the office (it’s a standard on our shoots for its natural-looking curling and lengthening abilities). Time to stock up with this glammed up version!

Rs. 1,700

M.A.C x Charlotte Olympia Mirror Compact

Sure, your front-facing camera works just fine when you’re looking to check your lipstick’s still in place, but who wants just fine when you can have this beautiful compact mirror that screams old world glamour? Not us!

Rs. 1,750


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