8 Bath Essentials For A Great Soak


When the weather’s being less than kind, the deadlines are piling up, and a spa appointment is at its elusive best, it’s time to indulge in a nice, leisurely bath. I mean, the Romans were fanatical about taking baths but they still got the whole building Rome thing done. If nothing else, throwback queen Cleopatra spent a lot of time in her milk tub and she turned out pretty fine looking, didn’t she?

While we try hard keeping up with our crazy lives (and the Kardashians’), we seem to forget that a good twenty minute soak would do us plenty good; whether your idea of a perfect bath is a long dip in a tub/jacuzzi (with a book/your SO), or under the massaging current of a benevolent shower.

So, on this not so glorious weeknight, why not set aside some time to draw a great bath, calm those frazzled nerves and let your muscles relieve all the pent up stress. Make sure the water’s not too hot so as not to dry out your skin, pour in some fragrant bath scents, give yourself a little neck rub while you’re at it, and don't stop until you achieve raisin skin level contentment – technolgy not allowed though; about time you did a real #digitaldetox. Maybe a spot of warm chamomile tea for a nice finish?



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