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8 Fashion Films To Watch If You’re A Serious Fashion Aficionado


While fashion films essentially aim to put their splendid creations on display through video, it can arguably be said that the cinematic medium is the perfect way to convey the mood of apparel and seamlessly tell the story of a brand and its clothes. Behold these stellar feature films/docudramas/short films we’ve handpicked that obviously includes Cher and her posse, but also other gems that will take fashion lovers on an insightful journey through the world of fashion. Lights out, grab the popcorn!

Cover Girl by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman for Vogue

If you had five minutes to spare, and had to pick between gorging down a cupcake and watching this charming little short film from Vogue’s original archives, starring Lena Dunham and Vogue international editor-at-large Hamish Bowles, we strongly recommend the latter – and that’s saying something. A comical short that narrates the playful events of the night before Dunham’s first cover shoot for Vogue, you get to see her and Hamish do a little jig of iconic supermodel poses stringed together. “Kate, Naomi, Cindy, Twiggy!” – seeing the fashion magazine poke fun at itself in jest is sure to leave you with a lingering smile. 

Kate Spade’s “#missadventure”

What would Anna Kendrick do if she finds herself locked out of her house upon returning from a clearly fruitful Christmas shopping trip? That’s what you’ll have see in the first of this 3-part brand film that follows the songstress/actress on her #missadventures. It’s basically Beca from Pitch Perfect meets Confessions of a Shopaholic – in head to toe Kate Spade, obviously. If nothing else, watch it for the swoon-worthy fur coats.

Annie Hall

Even if you’re a fashion rookie, you’ve heard of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall sparking off a trend that we can’t seem to have enough of even today – androgynous fashion. Besides the inspiring oversized shirts, wide-legged trousers, fedora hats, pantsuits and masculine tailoring, classic Woody Allen humour and sensibility make this film a must-watch, fashion connoisseur or not. 


“You don’t understand, this is an Alaïa!” Clueless was the film that put Alaïa on the fashion map, as it did matchy suits, glamourous, super rich Beverly Hills girls and walk-in closets. If you haven’t watched this 90’s iconic film already, you’re missing out – there’s lots of #ootd inspo to be gathered – including 53 different kinds of plaid! And if this chick flick still isn’t piquing your interest, all we have to say is, “As if!”.

De Djess: Women’s Tales #9 by Miu Miu

Miu Miu is known for its modern woman-centric, short, almost silent fashion films that not only feature gorgeous clothes playing starring characters, but are also visually engaging with quirky story lines that are a pleasure to watch. Like this one about a show stopping dress that’s itching to be worn – a Cinderella tale of sorts. What happens next? Watch!

The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung: Series 1

Always dreamt of being a fashion ‘it’ girl? Let the OG of ‘it’ girls show you how! The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung is a 6-part series of short videos that attempts to teach aspiring audience the inner workings of the industry. The British style icon, Vogue contributing editor and London poster girl interviews influencers, designers, mentors and and industry-insiders to bring behind-the-scenes know-how to the eager fashion student. In this episode, she talks about her own career path and then chats to Sarah Mower and Christopher Kane about jobs and internships.

The Next Black

Serious fashion design students, this docu should feature in the top rungs of your must-watch list. The 45-minute film deals with the future of clothing, innovations, sustainability and technology, with expert opinions coming straight from trailblazing pioneers of today, including Patagonia, Adidas, BioCouture and Studio XO. Keep your pens ready, you might end up taking down notes while watching this one. 

How To Learn Languages With Models

Becoming a multi-linguist on your list of to-be-accomplished? Let stunning models from around the world introduce to their language, culture and exotic hometowns through these aesthetically made 2-minute videos. You’ll probably know where to get the best gelato in Milan, or how to say ‘what a beautiful beach’ in Portugese once you’re done watching these!



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