8 Of The Best Hair Colorists In India

Naaila Khan

There comes a defining moment in a girl’s life every once in a while, when changing her hair up completely is an unwritten rite of passage. Then there are those times we just want to be adventurous and have a little fun. For these and others, having a skilled hair painter on your speed dial is a must.

They must have the patience of a saint and the talent of a chosen one – nothing less will do. Especially now at the turn of the season – there’s metamorphosis in the air as we move into autumn!

That’s why, we did the groundwork for you – we asked hair enthusiasts, we checked ratings – to round up the top colorists in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. Meet your 8 mane men!


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1/8 ANDY

Where: Jean Claude Biguine, Koramangala

Why They’re Cool: S Thang Khan Khup aka Andy, a top stylist at JCB, comes armed with years of experience in specific tricks of the trade: his areas of expertise – besides precision cutting techniques for modern, fluid looks – is color correction to create multi-dimensional results. He’s basically the evangelist for fixing hair colour gone awry.

Andy has also been a backstage expert for several fashion shows and photo shoots and handles a high profile and celebrity clientele.

Hair Mantra: “Choose shampoo according to your scalp and conditioner according to your hair length, wash your hair only 2-3 times a week, be gentle with wet hair, use styling products according to your hair type, and get regular haircuts and spa treatments.”



Where: Rosanno Feretti, The Ritz-Carlton

Why They’re Cool: The Director of Salon at Rossano Ferretti, Ricky has been styling hair since his days in China more than two decades ago. It wasn’t long before his amazing talent took him to work backstage at the runways in New York, before taking Bangalore where he styles and colours the hair of the fashion savvy. And you know you can trust him – his chic, modern cuts have made to it to magazines like Vogue and his hair painting skills are famous.

Hair Mantra: "It's always about the client, the cut, and the colour – never about passing trends.”



Where: High Gloss Salon, Lavelle Road

Why They’re Cool: The able successor to an 18-year old establishment that has styled generations of Bangaloreans, and an all-round fun person, this young hair painter has studied in Singapore, Mumbai, Korea and London, and has 7 years of experience working as a hairdresser. After working in Florida for a couple years, she came back home and realized India needed some colour! She has a natural flair for balayage and vivids, and specializes in personalized hair colour – in other words, she’s made many a Bangloreans’ dream to own unicorn hair a possibility, so that’s saying something!

“We're at the cusp of a major hair colour revolution, and I'm psyched to be a part of it!,” she says.

Hair Mantra: "No colour is done until it's Instagrammable. Also, it’s going to look different in different light!”







Where: Rod Anker Salons, Merchant Market & Noida

Why They’re Cool: If you’re a hair enthusiast in India, you’ve definitely heard of Rod Anker, or ‘the dude behind the glasses’ and behind many celebrity transformations including Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Elle Macpherson and Kyle Minougue. He runs the show at the fashion weeks, is regularly featured in top magazines like ELLE and Vogue, and has a bunch of awards to his name – including Vogue Colourist of the year, 2012.

The Aussie started his career in hairdressing in 1986, moved to India in 2008 after spending time in Singapore and Beijing, and over the last 25 years, has created a steady following for himself. His eponymous salon believes in connecting with people, and create raving fans out of them, besides killing it in the hair department, obvs.

Hair Mantra: “Don’t try too hard. Colour isn’t about having one solid blanket on your head – it has to have variation, and it should work well with your cut and your personality.”





Where: Blliis by Ravissant

Why They’re Cool: The International Artistic Director at Blliis, Romania-born Steve has over 2 decades of experience in hairdressing, which he describes as a passion, not a job. He’s worked for The Onboard Spa by Steiner for more than 10 years, managing spas on board luxury cruises and traveling across the world. A self-confessed perfectionist, he’s not just a magic man at hair colouring – (a little trivia) he also specializes in professional make up and skin care, and has worked backstage at huge productions, including Anna Karenina.

Hair Mantra: “Beautiful hair needs an expert!”





Where: Jean Claude Biguine, Juhu

Why They’re Cool: Nadeem has been working at Jean-Claude Biguine for nearly seven years, and in that time has managed to become the go-to guy for anyone in the city looking for a hair makeover, including celebrities like Hard Kaur (the man can do a mean red head!).
​His success probably lies in the fact that: “​I like to do what the client wants, and not just what I want. I don’t just enjoy transforming hair, I also like to give advice to my clients on hair concerns and hair care. Nothing satisfies me more than a satisfied client.”

Hair Mantra: ​“Believe in and love what you have. If you love your hair, it will love you back.”



Where: Mad o’ Wot, Bandra West

Why They’re Cool: You might know this hair magician as a hairdresser to the stars and a model-favourite, and Sapna is all of those things and more. She started Mad o’ Wot 12 years ago with a vision of infusing self love and confidence through hair. Their motto: Life is too short to spend it on styling hair. Wash and go is more their style. In fact, they’re credited with inventing the ‘rickshaw dry’, which lets you see what your hair would look like after a rickshaw ride, "and if that looks good, you know you're sorted!," she says. 

Probably the only salon in India that doesn’t retail styling products, they like to focus on their skills as hair stylists instead of salespersons – an exclusivity that has held them in good stead. Sapna’s skill set creates gorgeous hair stories – from platinum, to pastels to vibrants, there’s nothing this maverick hasn’t covered.

Hair Mantra: "If you spend more than 5 minutes on your hair, you need to get a job or a life, whichever is easier. That’s why, I like to empower my clients with a cut and colour that’ll only require them to spend 5 minutes of their daily lives on their hair.”





Where: Why Not, Versova

Why They’re Cool: Coming from a family of hairdressers and restauranteurs – or to put it better, people with passion – Zeeba, albeit reluctantly, decided to learn hairstyling at the L’Oréal Academy in Mumbai and went through a rigorous and intensive training there. Fortunately, she soon figured that she was really good at it, and also learned that hairstyling is beyond just understanding someone's hair – it’s about understanding the person, their life, their personality and choices. Hairstylists need to get into your head, she believes.

While Why Not is only about a year old, it’s earned its street cred thanks to Zeeba’s super talent – her client roster includes a whole list of celebrities.

Hair Mantra: “Hair is all about who you are. Keep it real.”





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