A Fun Sunkissed Look To Instantly Transport You To The Beach

Naaila Khan

Nothing spells summer like dewy, sunkissed skin, but who says you can't have that all year round? The beach is a feeling, after all.

Below, we demonstrate a fun, peachy look on Dia that's as easy to do as it is to pull off, and doesn't give away that you've been wasting some glorious summer hours holed up at work. Salud!


Moisturise your skin, and prime it with your regular base to create an even canvas. On the eyes, apply a rusty orange shadow on the lid, and blend it evenly with a brush. Now blend in a matte brown shade right into the crease just as you would do a regular smoky eye, touching a bit on the outer corner of the eye, and blending, so you create a soft, sunset-like effect.

Then, line your eyes thinly – a gel formula works well, provided you’re familiar with how to lightly blend it in, so as not to create a harsh line, or you could simply use a black liquid liner like we did on Dia. Fluff up your lashes with a thick coating of mascara.

For a pop of colour, draw a dash of bright green under the lower lash line, stopping just halfway across.

What We Used:


Dust a generous amount of highlighter on your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, on the brow bones, down the front of your nose and in the centre of the forehead, and blend it in well. Here’s an easy step-by-step to highlight your face!

What We Used:


Use a large fluffy brush to go over the highlighter on your cheekbones with a peachy shade of blush – from the apples of your cheeks into the temples. Tip: A creamy blush work well to create that dewy, just-out-of-the-water effect.

Finally, wear a bright citrus lipstick, and you've got yourself a pretty, tropical look!

What We Used:

Makeup by Sehar Khan on Dia Madaiah.

Photographed by Clint Soman.



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