A Supermodel Trick To Instantly Transform Your Eyes

Naaila Khan

When ex-Victoria’s Secret angel Karlie Kloss opened her Balenciaga Papier tote for all the world to see on her rather popular YouTube channel ‘Klossy’, the beauty world was happily reintroduced to a forgotten old friend: the eye patch. The supermodel swears by them to freshen up on long plane rides, and even passed one on to fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner who gladly accepted. “They felt like gelatin, like Jell-O. It wasn’t like a plastic thing. And they were so cool, and it was heaven. It was exactly what my face needed,” Kloss said in another interview.

And right she is. Eye patches are basically like reset buttons for your skin under your eyes, your tool to erase the evidences of a less than restful night – including undereye bags, dark circles and puffy eyes. Because the skin under your eyes is terribly delicate (it’s the first sign of aging, remember?), any bit of irritation (sun damage, smoking, rubbing them, dehydration) can make it look less than its best. Eye patches to the rescue! Much like sheet masks (that are having a moment of their own) – they’re little crescent-shaped disposable or reusable sheets that are soaked in cooling nutrient-rich gels and designed to fit perfectly on your eyes to give them an instant boost of hydration and wake them up. When used overnight (or even for 6 substantial hours), they give fresh-looking eyes in the morning.

There are various kinds of eye patches popping up in the market to suit different needs – fabric-like ones and slimy gel ones, collagen based ones (that claim to knock off 8 years from your eyes and are a favourite of Jen Aniston) and even ones with gold ions (though these still need some hard evidence to back them). There are a whole bunch of different nutrients infused in these patches to deflate, hydrate or brighten, whatever your need be – from Vitamin C and aloe vera to peptides and fruit oils. 

The best part? You can carry these little things everywhere you go and pop them on whenever your eyes need instant rejuvenation – and they feel so good on your skin, too! So before you pile on those layers of concealer (which often only make lines more obvious), why not stick these patches under your eyes and take a 15-minute power nap? It’s definitely the next best thing to a good night’s rest. 

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