Products Straight From The Depths Of The Dead Sea

Meghana Rabindranath

Ahava’s product line is all about the deep minerals for glowing skin

Ahava, a premium brand from Israel has created a truly unique product line for the face and body, using concentrated extracts from the Dead Sea for the most refreshing skin ever. The products are crammed with nutrient rich soil and minerals (most of which you can’t find anywhere else other than the Dead Sea) addresses all skin issues. Directly delivered from the lowest point of earth to Nykaa.com with a wide range of products are a must try for great skin.

The line comprises of basics skin products for hydration and brightening, to more concentrated issues like acne and anti ageing. They are focused on creating combinations products based on mineral and active soil compounds with the latest technology that gives unique and visible results. It’s all we ever wanted in one product line, celebs like Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham would agree with us.

Here are some of our favourite products:


Time To Clear All In One Toning Cleanser 

If you’ve been looking for the perfect toner right after cleaning this is it! This light toner with packed with a triple performance formula effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities from face and eyes. It’s the best after cleansing as it tackles all that unseen oil and dirt and also helps tighten pores for toned and soft skin. Thank us later for this one.


Time To Clear Facial Mud Exfoliator 

Okay seriously, beauty buffs will travel far and wide for some of this stuff (literal mud) that promises glowing skin. This mud exfoliator offers the deepest cleansing experience from the Dead Sea Mud. Infused with polishing granules, this exfoliator gently exfoliates the surface of the skin thoroughly and leaves you with clean pores, which stimulate cell renewal, revealing fresh radiant skin. Say hello to clear and even looking skin after a good scrubbing with this one.


Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum

Serums are all the rage if you’ve ever wanted beautiful skin. The perfect serum can either make or break your skin. A mineral-concentrated oil-based serum sounds about just right. Think wrinkle reduction, firming and glowing radiance. Driven by Dead Sea minerals, this is the ultimate solution for skin that is constantly exposed to pollution and general lifestyle damage. Basically, it’s meant for all of us living the big city life. 


Time To Clear Refreshing Cleansing Gel

Finding the perfect face wash is nearly as difficult as finding the right man (or woman). But your search ends here, and yes we’re talking about the face wash. This rinse-off gel gently removes makeup and impurities from your face with its soap-free you’re your skin is protected from super harsh chemicals and it still leaves oily skin feeling fresh, clean and conditioned. Now get squeaky-clean face without making your skin dry.


Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate

You’ve found the best serum for your skin now its time to show your body some TLC. The Osmoter body concentrate serum is light and glides beautifully on the skin for intense hydration, luminosity and clarity to skin. The best part? It’s so light you feel like you have nothing on but that glowing skin. A body serum that instantly transforms rough skin with an added radiant glow and is suitable for all skin types! We’re adding this to our carts.


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