Anti Pollution Skincare Is Now A Thing

Naaila Khan

If you’re a city girl, you know the havoc pollution wreaks on your skin – hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dryness, premature aging and overall lackluster are all things you can blame on living in a polluted city. While you may be familiar with particle pollution, which is the smog and exhaust gases that linger in the air, there’s also, as it turns out, ozone pollution to worry about, which is a mix of UV rays from the sun and chemicals emitted by cars at the ground level. Ozone pollution tends to be trapped by your skin which, over time, works to break down collagen, the stuff that keeps your skin springy and youthful.

The relatively recent discovery of ozone pollution and its effects on the skin is responsible for the slew of new products which work to target it by companies like Estée Lauder, eco-friendly luxury brand Tata Harper and French skincare favourite Thalgo.

Featuring antioxidants like Vitamin C, revestarol (the compound you find in red wine that’s partly responsible for that glowing French girl skin), green tea and Vitamin E, add a couple of the products below into your daily mix (with a good cleansing brush, like this favourite of ours) to really de-gunk your pores. Finally, use a broad spectrum sunscreen to round out your anti-pollution skincare squad out nicely. 


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