Say Hello To Aviance, The Newest Skincare Brand To Launch In India


There comes a time in your life when you just don’t want to experiment with your skincare any more. You’re looking for that one brand that works like magic and that’s the one you want to stick to, no matter what. We might have found your answer.

When it comes to skincare, India has a lot to offer. Sure the options can get confusing, but what are we here for, right? A few days ago, we witnessed the launch of Aviance. A two-decade-old skincare brand, which has been retailing in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, will now be available in the country, and here’s why we’re excited.

Made with plant extracts and vitamins, Aviance comes in two ranges – Hydra Balance which promises to take care of dryness and leave you with dewy, luminous skin; and White Intense which is meant to bring out clarity and radiance.

Each range comes with everything, from a face wash and scrub to a day and night cream, and a serum to lock everything in.

The products start at Rs. 699 and go up to Rs. 1399, which makes it one of the few mid-range brands available to us. They also plan on launching their Youth Diamond range, Stema Cell range and the Collagenic Lift Solution Set soon!

Aviance will be available online only on Nykaa.com and Amazon.in, and going by how much brighter my face is starting to look, it’s definitely worth a shot. 

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Anushka Mulchandani.


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