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Keeping Up With The Latest Beauty Trends

Meghana Rabindranath

The new beauty trends the Internet is obsessed with currently!

The Internet has proved to create the coolest makeup and beauty trends for the past couple of years. With the rise of social media, Instagram mainly, major cosmetic houses from M.A.C to Urban Decay post variants of these new trends and adapt them to their brand image.Love them or hate them these trends will have their five minutes of Internet fame so might as well hop on the bandwagon and try these out!

Glossy Lids

The Summer season is filled with luminous, sun-kissed skin and taking dewy makeup to the next level. A super hydrated look is something we all want to go for, no we don’t mean being ultra sweaty. But hey, sometimes a girl can't help it. Anyway, an old school formula has come back with a bang to add that little extra to your hydrated look. Enter, glossy eyelids. You could wear it alone by dabbing your gloss of choice onto the center of your lids or swipe some shimmery shadow or black liner for a chicer look. Pair some coloured mascara with a clear gloss for the ultimate dramatic summer look.


Sunset Eyes

Pinks and peaches have definitely been the go-to colours for eye shadows from celebrity red carpet looks to the runway. Just in time for summer, there's another new take on the colorful trend surfacing all over Instagram. The makeup ripped off from spellbinding sunsets, concentrated in combinations of oranges, pinks and deep golden these shades are super versatile and work occasions varying from brunch to date nights.

Marble Lips

Marble lips are now here to take the Internet by storm over the marble nail trend. Sure, trends from barbed-wire eyebrows to unicorn everything have all had their moments of Internet fame. But marble lips just might be the most stunning makeup moment yet. Start with a matte white base and gray swirls of color throughout. But no matter what colors you choose, though, these marble lips are rather simple to achieve. 

Faux Freckles

Inked eyebrows, eyelids and lips, if you thought you’d seen it all. You were wrong. Yes most of us aren’t put off by the idea of faux freckles, they are cute and add a child like charm to your face. People are currently going out of their way to tattoo freckles onto their face. If you're committed go for it, but in the meantime, a not-so-pigmented eyebrow pencil will do the same job.

LED Lashes

According to Internet beauty trends, the future is here, and it is light up eyelashes, also known as F.Lashes. We mean literal strips of eyelashes covered in lights that flash and sparkle. Aside from coming in an array of colours they also come in ‘sparkle’ mode, which makes the lashes twinkle. You’ll really be the life of any party you go to with these babies. A battery that attaches to the back of your head using clips powers them. The lashes are also reusable and can be applied using eyelash glue. 


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