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10 Outfits On Instagram You Can Copy For The Holidays

Anushka Mulchandani

Holiday #ootd inspiration, this way!

I don’t know about you, but Instagram is the one and only place I get all my outfit inspiration from. So many pages post some of the coolest styles around and once you set your eyes on something that good, you’re going to try your level best to get the look.

Since December is also rightly known as party month, there are events and occasions almost every week to dress up for. So instead of just staring at your closet for hours and screaming, “I have nothing to wear!”, let these #InstaOotds inspire your next look.

Since red is the obvious choice this season, how about adding in some leather goodness like this? 


If you have a party to attend but aren’t in the mood for heels, how about the most sparkly tee and kicks?


Repurpose your black shirt-dress. You can wear it in the day, but nothing’s stopping you from rocking it at night either.

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Stopped wearing denim on denim? Bring it back with a metallic tank and some sexy shoes to match.

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While your skirt and tee combo looks great, the devil lies in the details. Knot your tee up to crop it and don’t forget those matching accessories.

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Metallic skirts are so hot right now. Pair yours with your favorite basics and let the skirt do all the talking.


Headed to brunch? A plaid dress with a chunky cardigan is perfect for Indian winters.


Who said your black cocktail dress can only be worn in the evening? Wrap your favorite jacket around the waist and match it with your best slides for a chic day look. Don’t forget that on-trend choker!


Shorts in winter? As long as you have your trusty, oversized blazer to keep you warm, it’s totally possible!


Nothing says classy more than a pair of tailored trousers and a dreamy blouse to match. Wear with flats or stilettos depending on the occasion.



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