The Newest Hair Trend That’s Taking Hollywood By Storm

Anushka Mulchandani

You’ll feel like Rapunzel!

Ok, don’t you think it’s weird that one day a celebrity has short hair and the next morning it’s suddenly touching her waist? Yes, we all know celebrities use extensions for volume and length but what we’ve noticed recently is something bigger than just extensions. It’s full blown wigs!

While Bollywood is still big on their natural locks, the ladies up in Hollywood aren’t afraid to try something different. And like every other trend, this one too seems to have started with Kim Kardashian.

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A frontal lace wig is what’s used to create Kim’s Rapunzel-like locks; with emphasis on the word ‘lace’. The lace is what makes your wig look as natural as possible, like a fairy hairy Godmother had something to do with it overnight! Beauty YouTuber, Deepica Mutyala teamed up with her hairstylist friend Tiarra Monet to show you exactly what it is and how it’s done.

Take a look:

As amazed as we are? Of course the Queen of wigs and all things hair, Kylie Jenner does it all the time.

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But so do Beyonce and Ariana Grande!

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Now if you already have the length and volume (at least some of it) you could totally straighten your hair to look like this. Part it down the middle and use a comb as you iron out each section to make sure it’s smooth and precise. Once you’re done, finish it with some serum and hairspray for hold.

But if you are leaning towards the wig, we definitely advise you to let an expert help you and not do it yourself at home. Of course we wouldn’t recommend the wig for summer (just think of all the sweat!), it’s definitely something on our must-try list this year.


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