15 Looks That Will Make You Want To Wear Pink More Often

Anushka Mulchandani

So you have no excuses for the next 15 Wednesdays!

A few days ago, Gigi Hadid walked out onto the streets in an outfit so great, I had to stare at it for a few minutes to really comprehend the awesomeness of it all. The best part? – It was all pink!

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I know I know, it’s a lot to take in at one go. But if you’re Gigi Hadid, wearing something like this is no big deal. As an all-black wearing girl, this outfit actually makes me want to wear more pink, more often.

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So if you’re up for it, take the challenge! We’ve picked out 15 fantastic pink looks, some all-pink, for you to fit into your daily wardrobe. Now the question is, how long can you keep it up for?

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These have got to be the coolest pair of pants out there and the fact that they’re pink makes them even cooler. Special props for the pink kicks Gigi wore with them!

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If there were a way to make pink more badass, it would be by adding on a pair of boots and a leather jacket.

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Your travel wardrobe requires a coat for cooler climates and this pink one checks all the boxes.

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This is definitely a more wearable way to do pink on pink. Who knew blooming, knee length shorts could look this good?

Ah Gigi, her arsenal of pink outfits seems endless, but we’re not complaining. This is the dressed down version of her other metallic pink outfit.

Bestie Kendall Jenner isn’t far behind. This might be an all-blush combination but let’s not forget that blush comes from pink and that outfit is all kinds of goals!

Like that useful travel coat, a leather jacket is as important for your holiday wardrobe – especially en route!

Does it get classier than the ever-fashionable tweed skirt?

If you still feel like you can’t wear this much pink, how about a pair of pink kicks instead?

Paper bag waists are huge right now and this pink pair just went to the top of our lust list!

Summer may be over but with this shorts and shirt combo it will feel like the season never left!

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This is what commitment to the color pink looks like! Wear it with stilettos to a formal do and swap with sneakers during the day.

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Pink and white is a combination that can never fail. This outfit is proof!

One trend that we just can’t get enough of is the off-shoulder. Add in some pink and you’re left with the perfect Sunday brunch outfit!

Who ever said pink can’t be formal never tried this pink and white striped shirt!

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Swap out your blazer with a pink long line jacket. Just think how many outfits you could match it with!


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