Bobbi Brown Is Finally Online in India!

Komal Basith

Nykaa, it’s official – we love you.

Beauty e-commerce store Nykaa hass been killing it in the beauty game recently. Case in point – they recently announced that they’d be exclusively retailing M.A.C., Clinique and Estee Lauder online, much to the joy of beauty lovers across the country – and now they’ve added Bobbi Brown to their repertoire, too! 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bobbi’s because of her whole natural, love the skin you’re in, look like you but better aesthetic she’s got going on which translates beautifully into products that enhance your natural features without aiming to turn you into someone else entirely.

Think blushes that add a natural flush of colour, eyeshadows that enhance your eye shade, and a range of beautiful, gorgeously packaged bronzers, lipsticks and eyeliners that work whether you’re looking for a low-key day time look or something sultrier for night.

I’m particularly loving the idea of naturally bronzed, sunkissed skin at the moment, and every time I try to emulate that just back from the beach look, I find myself reaching for my Bobbi Brown blushes and bronzers, which is why I’m so, so happy they’re finally retailing online! No more schlepping to the mall just to buy that one product that’s run out! Here are some of my favourites:


Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Featuring just a hint of shimmer, this isn’t your standard contouring bronzer, no siree. This is what you reach for when you want to look naturally sunkissed, so with just a hint of colour and shimmer on your cheekbones, temples and bridge of your nose. This is a failproof, guaranteed to make you look fabulous bronzer that looks so natural it won’t even look like you’re wearing makeup.



Bobbi’s little blushes may look tiny, but they’re super pigmented and last for ages. Use with a large soft, fluffy brush so as to not pick up too much colour and apply with a light hand.


Lip Color

Have you ever noticed that all the models in Bobbi Brown’s ad campaigns and video how-tos always look like they have plump, juicy, well-nourished lips? This is the stuff that’ll get you there – think lightly pigmented shades for a subtle wash of colour and all-out, gorgeously saturated ones for days when you’re in the mood for a classic lipstick.


Eye Shadow

I’ve never finished, or ‘hit pan’ on a single one of my Bobbi Brown eye shadows – honestly, this is a brand that really knows how to give you plenty for your money. You don’t need to worry about the shades going dry and powdery considering they last so long, however – a couple of years down the line and these shadows are still soft, rich and long lasting every time I reach for them.



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