Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation

Naaila Khan

I’m just going to own up and admit that I gave up on foundation a while ago (which might make this review seem incongruous, but hold up). There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to a cakey, somewhat greasy face to quickly render the quest for the perfect foundation a thing of the past, and so it was that BB creams replaced foundation as my go-to makeup.

Recently however, I came across a foundation that could quite possibly revert me to a face goop believer once again, and that foundation is Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Even Finish Foundation. The first thing I thought while applying it: “This feels just like skin!”

Which, when you ignore the resounding American Psycho reference makes perfect sense, considering the medium coverage foundation gives you evenly coated, blemish-free skin in seconds; skin that looks like yours, but better.

Packaged in a dropper bottle which allows you to choose between fingers or a sponge, the formula is light and easily blendable, although you have to do it quick because it sets in a second and stays all day.

As far as the cashmere softness it lends your skin goes you’ve got the glycerin and shea butter to thank, while the oil-free gel base spreads evenly over your skin without making it look like you're wearing a mask. Broad spectrum SPF 15 promises a basic amount of sun protection (although nothing below SPF 30 is worth counting on, if you ask me, so wear sunscreen under). There’s also a bit of Vitamin C and E, in there, which checks the anti-aging box.

This foundation does what it says, which is last all day – without a top up and without a finishing powder. The bonus? It comes in 20 shades, from Alabaster to Espresso, so there’s one for everyone.

Available at Bobbi Brown stores nationwide.

Illustrated by Roshini Frederick.


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