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5 Celebrities Who Love To Wear What They Eat


It’s no secret that almost all celebrities control what they eat. Counting their carb intake, fad diets and cleanses are all part of their starry lives, and it’s probably the one side that isn’t very glamorous. I’m sure they all have cheat days, but even when they don’t, it looks like some of them have found a way to include that slice of pizza to their lives – without piling on the pounds.

Punarvi is a New York based label that’s known for their glittering, food filled tees. They’ve put everything, from your favorite box of fries and sushi, to pizza and even a candy dispenser on their t-shirts, and celebrities are eating it right up!

Here are 5 celebs we’ve spotted trying on the trend:

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1. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti just lost oodles of weight, but who isn’t a sucker for a cheesy slice of pizza, am I right?

2. Bhumi Pednekar

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I’ll take French fries any way you give it to me – on my plate, in my belly or even on my t-shirt. Bhumi Pednekar seems to agree. 

3. Lily Collins

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My question for Lily Collins is why is she wearing those fries and not scarfing them down whole?

4. Lucy Hale

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Lucy was on her way to work out and nothing is more motivating than a juicy slice of pizza!

5. Bipasha Basu

There’s no place for candy in Bipasha Basu’s super fit body. An entire candy dispenser is allowed on her t-shirt though!

The celebrity approved brand also has t-shirts featuring pineapples, sequined airplanes, donuts and ice cream. You can buy them online on punarvi.com.

By Anushka Mulchandani


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