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Cargo Pants Are A Thing Again

Meghana Rabindranath

Just when you thought you got rid of them

Okay, so we know the fashion world is stuck in a time warp and sometimes it works in our favor (like those denim overalls we never threw away) and sometimes it’s a miss. And just when you think a trend will probably never surface again you will be proved wrong. So wrong (damn those Von Dutch snapbacks).

That being said, welcome back cargo pants. These sneaky pants are slowly making a come back into the fashion world. Fashion icons like Bella and Kendal are rocking the off duty model look with these babies like they never went out of style. We’ve never had an issue with the borrowed-from-the-boys style so we’re not complaining. Comfortable utilitarian pants coming back into fashion? Aren’t we all blessed!

Pair those khakis up with a midriff bearing top, with the coolest bomber you own or with a super chic dress shirt and you’ll be stunned at how versatile these pants are. Whatever your style is, you can always dress them up or down (like with anything in life really).  So dig out your old ones or invest in a new pair, cause this one is surely making a comeback.

Here are some of our favorite looks.

Gigi Hadid


Kendall Jenner


Emily Ratajkowski

Jessica Alba


Bella Hadid


Cara Delevigne



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