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Chloe’s Fleur de Parfum Is The Perfect Summer Fragrance

Komal Basith

Think English gardens complete with blue skies and flowers in bloom

Doesn’t it feel like summer came earlier than usual this year? I can usually tell by a subtle shift in what I reach for when I’m getting dressed every morning – beauty-wise, of course.

I tend to find myself being especially generous with the oil-nixing primer (currently using Hourglass’s famous Mineral Veil Primer), reaching for cooler pinks over warmer ones for my face and lips – and switching to lighter fragrances, too.

There’s no dearth of floral fragrances to choose from come the warmer months, but Chloe’s latest, Fleur de Parfum, is a particular standout. It’s a twist on the famous original, this time with notes of rose and cherry blossom, meant to evoke a flower that’s in full bloom.

And that’s certainly what this smells – and feels – like; spritzing this on always brings to mind long, leisurely walks through a summer garden, somewhere in England, filled with blue skies, gauzy white dresses and the promise of Pimms around the corner. Because what is summer in England without Pimms? Or roses…

Rs. 6,400 for 50ml and Rs. 8,000 for 75ml, available at outlets across the country.


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