Deepika Padukone In Sweatpants Is The Hottest Thing You’ll See Today


Yep, you read it right, sweatpants!

Lets make one thing clear. For a while now, we’ve felt that everything Deepika Padukone touches turns to gold. Whether it’s her movies or the clothes that she wears, she’s definitely got some of that Midas touch going on.

We’re pretty sure she’s playing a total badass in XXX so naturally she’s dressing like it for the promotions too. When we say badass, you’d think leather, chains and distressed denims, but her stylist, Shaleena Nathani had another thought in mind.

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Deepika stepped out for her promotional rounds in a basic pair of sweatpants and tbh, she’s never looked hotter. Take a look:

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If you thought those sweats you have in your closet were just to lounge and maybe even hit the gym in, clearly you were wrong. Add on a pair of heels, a crop top worn with a matching bomber and ‘en fuego’ would be describing the look mildly. 

Just incase you’re missing a pair in your closet; here are a few you can get.

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By Anushka Mulchandani


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