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Dreaming In Denim

Meghana Rabindranath

A guide on how to style every denim piece you've ever owned

The classic blue jean is considered a wardrobe staple for many and why not when the versatility of this typical blue pant, as it is can be easily dressed up or down for nearly every occasion. Whether the look is haute couture or a self-made chic, denim continues to reign as a casual constant.

There was a period of time when we could hardly keep up with the different types of jeans trending one day, skinny jeans were having a moment; the next, cropped flares were taking the crown. Denim has moved out of the box from pants to now jackets, skirts and shirts. But whatever your type of denim is we’ve got a style for it. 


Casual Denim Shorts

On Olga: Denim Jacket by GAP, Denim Shorts by Levis

On Bianca: Sweater by Nexus Lifestyle, Denim Shorts by Levis


Denim Jackets

Tie Up Ruffle Shirt by M&S

Jackets by GAP


Colour Block and Denim

On Olga: Dungarees by Koovs, Fur Jacket by H&M

On Bianca: Sweater by H&M, Skirt by Lifestyle


Everyday Denim Jeans

Sweater by Tommy Hilfiger, Denim by Ginger at Lifestyle


Little Denim Dress

Denim dress by Koovs, Muffler by M&S


Athleisure and Denim

On Bianca: Sports Bra by Nike at Koovs, Denim Joggers by Levis, Cap by Aeropostale

On Olga: Crop Hoodie by Adidas Originals, Boxers by Tommy Hilfiger, Denim by Koovs


Classic Denim

On Bianca: Logo Tshirt by Levis, Dungarees by Koovs

On Olga: Shirt by Levis, Flared Denim by Koovs, Belt by Levis


Bralettes with Denim

Bralet by H&M, Under layered Black Denim Model’s Own, Blue Denims by Zara


The Bootcut

On Olga : Top, Denim, Sandals by M&S

On Bianca : Bootleg Denim by Koovs, Floral Dress & Sandals by M&S



Photographs: Palak Rungta

Fashion: Niyati Hirani

Art Direction: Anshika Kakkar

Makeup & Hair: Shefali Surve

Talent: Olga at Sky Models, Bianca at Multitalents

Fashion Assistant: Shraddha Shetty


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