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Estee Lauder Micro Essence

Komal Basith

Micro Essence, Estee Lauder’s latest skincare release, is a toner built specifically for the Asian market, where women traditionally aim not so much for brighter skin as ‘translucent’ skin, or the kind of skin that looks like someone turned a light on from within – just Google pictures of any K-Pop star to see what I mean. Their skin is so clear and bright it almost looks otherworldly!

The watery lotion is strikingly similar to SK-II’s cult classic Facial Treatment Essence, which has received plenty of love on Jossbox before; both count versions of fermented rice water as their main ingredient, both claim to both brighten skin and target wrinkles at the same time, and both have that faint yeasty smell upon application.

Estee Lauder says that the product does three key things – it’s micro-targeting, or penetrates to deep within the skin, micro-nourishing, to rebuild the skin’s barrier, and is also micro-active, or ‘resets’ the look of skin from within, the concept of which, frankly, is a bit lost on me. What does it mean to ‘reset’ your skin, exactly?

Still, brand speak aside, this stuff is fantastic. I’ve been using it for close to a month now, and the comparisons to the Facial Treatment Essence are well-founded – like the FTE, Micro Essence gives you incredibly smooth, glowing, bright skin, but there are a couple of key differences.

For one, Micro Essence works surprisingly fast. After three days of applying five drops of the watery toner morning and evening, the few remaining acne scars I had were drastically lighter – no mean feat, as anyone who’s ever dealt with the aftermath of a zit knows.

Additionally, while the Facial Treatment Essence didn’t break me out, I raved about it so much that a friend asked if she could try some of mine before she bought her own (as far as things you put on your face go, both the Micro Essence and Facial Treatment Essence fall squarely in the investment skincare category), but sadly it was not to be; she noticed a slew of tiny white bumps all along her forehead and jawline within days of using it.

I sent her some of the Micro Essence to try, and no breakouts! She noticed the same things I did; smaller pores, decreased redness and smoother, brighter skin, all within days.

So is this one worth the splurge? Yes, yes, yes! Estee Lauder doesn’t release new skincare often but when they do, it’s usually after years and years of research; in the case of the Micro Essence, it’s most certainly paid off.

Available at Estee Lauder stores nationwide.



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