Move Over Lip Kits, Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Love Lipsticks Are Here To Stay

Meghana Rabindranath

You ready to mix and remix those boring old lipstick colours yet?

In the past two years, we as consumers have been spoilt for choice or rather bombarded by a whole new market of lip kits and matte liquid lip colours. This could be exciting to some and overwhelming to others. But whichever category you're a part of, we’ve just got the solution to all your lip-colour-related issues with one product: Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Love Lipstick. 

Obviously, we know that Estee Lauder always hits the nail on the head with top of the line beauty products on the regular, so we didn’t expect any less from this line. Made especially for the daring millennials of today with 30 different shades and textures ranging from stark mattes to creamy nudes. The best part is mixing colours and textures, testing out different beauty looks from ombre lips to monochrome foiling to find the mix that is unique to your personal style.

Things were starting to get old, so let’s get with the new times and #lovelipremix. Here are some of our favourites:


Hot Streak Ultra Matte

If you’re a matte lipstick fan this is the product for you. We’ll keep it simple: it’s smooth application and non-drying effect with super high pigmentation has seriously caught our eye. It stays on forever and won’t take ages to reach you because it’s available at Sephora, but don’t be surprised if they run out! So hurry up and try the best matte lipstick on the market this season.


Strapless Edgy Crème

Applying is lipstick can be compared to gliding some soft butter all over your lips for that luxurious soft feeling. The crème colours are soft and smooth and deliver a feeling of extra conditioning with deep colour. The crème’s apply rather faintly but can be built up to the pigment of choice. Best it’s best used when mixed with a light pink for that extra tinge of creamy colour.


Moon Rock Cooled Chrome

By far the coolest lipstick by Estee Lauder. Moon rock represents its name with a cooling deep purple with blue shimmer to contribute to a galactic feeling that is out of this world (come one, we had to use that phrase) The best thing about this lipstick is that, it can be worn plain when you're feeling adventurous or like a total badass or you could mix it with a warm shade for a cool fusion colour.


Ripped Raisin Shimmery Pearl

With its super balmy texture and long staying power on the lips this brownish berry shade is absolutely perfect for the day to night look. Of course, if you wanted to mix it up, you could always add another colour but this one looks fabulous by itself too. 

You can shop the entire collection at a Sephora store near you. 


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