Estée Lauder’s Micro Cleansing Balm Is The Best Makeup Remover We’ve Ever Tried

Komal Basith

This might sound strange coming from a beauty editor, but I’ve fallen in love with makeup all over again and it is awesome, you guys.

I’m not talking about the whole no-makeup-makeup thing that was big for a hot minute; I mean MAKEUP. Primer! Eye primer! Concealer! Blush! Setting powder! Eye shadow! Lip liner and lipstick!

I’m wearing it all, because if there’s one thing Kylie Jenner and Amal Clooney have collectively taught me it’s that your life means nothing without a strong brow and a red lip. So here I am after a year of wearing nothing but a bit of BB cream and lip tint, walking into the office every morning with a face full of makeup, living my best life. 

Which means I’ve had to step my cleanser game up, since my regular non-foaming face wash doesn't cut it at the end of the day anymore.

I’ve been experimenting with a few, and my absolute favourite so far is Estée Lauder’s recent release, the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm.

It starts out as a hard, waxy balm that melts into an oil upon contact with your skin, which you then massage onto your face. Add a few drops of water and it emulsifies into a milky cleanser that washes away, taking everything – even waterproof mascara and long wearing makeup – with it, leaving behind incredibly soft, smooth skin.

Here's how good it is at removing makeup; this is a swatch of Nars Dragon Girl, my go-to red lipstick. It’s creamy yet matte and lasts for hours, which makes it an absolute nightmare to remove.

I applied a bit of the Micro Cleansing Balm and rubbed it in:

Wiped it off with a damp cotton ball:

And voila! Gone in seconds.

I haven’t met many oil cleansers that don’t leave an oily film on your face, which makes this a rare find. It's worth nothing that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling squeaky clean either, which is an important factor to keep in mind when you’re thinking about buying a cleanser.

Anything that leaves your skin feeling stripped, dry or ‘squeaky’ is doing more damage than good, according to Dr. Nadine Pernodet, the vice president of research and development at Estée Lauder. The idea, according to her, is to “remove anything that could cause damage over time (that means pollution, grime and makeup) while still respecting the skin by not destroying the barrier with anything too harsh.”

The Micro Cleansing Balm does just this – it's great at removing makeup, but is so gentle that you’ll look forward to using it because of how soft your skin will feel after.

It also suits all skin types, including incredibly oily skin like mine and won’t break you out. If you’re looking for a super gentle yet effective cleanser for the end of the day, give this a try – it’s the real deal.

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