10 Super Hot Buys From Gauri & Nainika X KOOVS


Your cocktail season outfits sorted out with one collection!

Gauri & Nainika’s runway shows at fashion week are always dreamy. The rich fabrics, princess-like silhouettes and just the general vibe always has this ‘aristocrat in Monaco’ feel that we love.

I don’t have any yacht parties to attend on the horizon, sadly, but I’m all set to make one happen now that they have a collaboration out with KOOVS.

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The collection is everything you’d expect from the duo. Ruffles in the right places, cutouts and bare shoulders aplenty – each and every piece will fit in to any cocktail party you’ve been invited to this season.

While some pieces are takes on the originals, most of them are new designs and completely exclusive to KOOVS. And just wait till you hear abou the prices!

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The dresses start at Rs. 2,500 and go up to Rs. 6,500 – no, I’m not missing any zeros anywhere!

Take a look at everything that’s in our shopping cart and you’d better hurry, they’re already selling out! 

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By Anushka Mulchandani


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