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Gel Moisturizers Are Going To Be Your Summer Favourite

Naaila Khan

If you’ve experienced tropical seasons long enough, you know your skincare routine isn’t very different from your wardrobe – change is the name of the game. Now that the sun’s out – a lot – we have an added concern to deal with apart from guzzling down enough water to evade a heat stroke – our skin is freaking out right about now as well. The hitch: you’ve still got to keep it moisturized and hydrated – even those endowed with skin of the oily variety (because moisture isn’t your enemy, grease is). And that’s not happening if it’s going to involve your regular heavy face cream when you can’t keep your makeup from melting faster than you can say ‘Olaf’.

Here’s a solution you might’ve not considered: gel moisturizers. Ta-da! This is no new guy - it’s well-loved year-round, sometimes even over its oil-based counterpart. Why is it so great? Because it’s lightweight and water-based for starters, and chock full of hyaluronic acid (the stuff that retains moisture and keeps your skin bouncy and young) that quickly sinks into your skin. Plus, it’s pretty much like smearing cold Jell-O on your face - can you imagine how that feels! If you need any more convincing: it also calms any redness, never clogs pores, doubles up as a summer primer by creating a nice, even base for your makeup (because who wants another layer of goop when you have resting slip face) and is absolutely non-greasy! It’s a win-win.

Try our top picks of gel moisturizers for your heat-stricken mug, below – keep it cool!

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