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Becky with the good brows?

Who here thinks a great pair of brows is your license to walk out of the house without any other makeup on? Ok sure, some mascara will really enhance the effect, but I’m definitely of the opinion that fantastic brows = a fantastic day. We’re all used to filling in our brows and defining them with shadow or maybe even the occasional pencil. Some brands have now come up with entire brow kits to take care of your every need. One of these is Givenchy.

Their Brow Studio range comes with four products that you can buy individually or according to your need, and here’s why you need to get them!

Mister Brow Filler

So you already have pretty luscious brows, lucky you! If you still need to fill in little gaps, or just comb your brows into place, Givenchy’s Mister Brow Filler is your man. The liquid formula not only shapes and naturally highlights your brows, it even dries super quickly leaving a powdery finish.

Rs. 1975

Eyebrow Pencil

Don’t let sparse brows kill your vibe. Givenchy’s Brow Studio has the answer to fuller brows and it comes in the form of their eyebrow pencil. Featuring an ultra-slim tip, the pencil leaves a matte, powdery finish and comes with a spoolie brush on the other side to comb any strays in place.

Rs. 1975

Eyebrow Couture Definer

One stroke of this baby is all you need to achieve intense, sculpted brows. The thick tip ensures an even color and if you don’t want that high level of intensity, you can put some on your hand and apply it with an angled brush.

Rs. 2275

Mister Brow Groom

Once you’re done shaping and highlighting your brows, you need to set them in place to last all day long. Mister Brow Groom takes care of that. The translucent mascara dries quickly and doesn’t leave any stickiness behind. P.S. Men can use this one too!

Rs. 1975

The entire collection is available at your nearest Sephora & Shopper’s Stop


By Anushka Mulchandani


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