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4 Gluten-Free Beauty Brands Available In India

Naaila Khan

Before you roll your eyes at the gluten-free phenomenon that has now crossed over to the beauty world, let it be known that this is a serious problem you guys, bereft of its high maintenance, supermodel-diet associations. So here’s the PSA: Celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity are real struggles – when people with celiac disease eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley), their body mounts an immune response that attacks the small intestine, and leads to nutrients not being absorbed properly into the body. Symptoms like fatigue, digestive complaints, and neurological issues show up and are magically cleared up when they eat strictly gluten-free.

The problem celiac shave with makeup and skincare? While gluten can’t really eb absorbed by the skin, when you lick your lips or the outside your mouth, you could ingest the product and potentially have a problem – which means it’s best to avoid gluten-containing products entirely.

So celiac or not, if you’re not a huge gluten fan, here are the five best gluten-free brands in India you should probably check out: 


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This skincare company is extremely mindful when it comes to gluten. All of their products are considered gluten-free, except their Oatmeal Bergamot Bar Soap, which they say is because of possible gluten cross-contamination in the oatmeal from nearby wheat fields – sharp! They also claim their Vitamin E is sourced from either soy or sunflower, rather than wheat germ. So there.



This brand not only uses all gluten-free ingredients, but is completely cruelty-free, according to the company's statement: "Our products do not contain gluten or beeswax. Please be aware, however, that we cannot guarantee that the machinery used to process our products are completely gluten free."

You can let out that sigh of relief – it basically means it’s good to use.



According to the company: "Many of our products do not contain ingredients derived from barley, oats, rye, spelt or wheat, which are commonly known sources of gluten. However, due to the wide range of raw materials and equipment used during the manufacturing of our products, we cannot confirm that our products are free from any traces of gluten. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding gluten, and the ingredients contained in our formulas, we recommend that you consult your physician."

However, many celiacs have attested the brand for being pretty safe, so try at a slight risk.



Their website clearly states that all Boscia products are 100% gluten-free. They are also the world’s first 100% preservative-free skincare brand, so there’s that. 




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