Products That Will Help You Beat The Frizz This Season

Anushka Mulchandani

There’s something for every hair type

Ok yes, the monsoon can be super romantic. Long drives in the rain, hot chocolate and your favorite book and binge watching movies on a particularly thunderous evening – there are a few things about the rain that are actually pleasant. The state of your hair however, isn’t one of them.

Frizz is something we deal with on the regular, but during the monsoon, it’s about a hundred times worse. Flat ironing your hair is a waste of time and some how your hair knows it’s raining outside even before you do.

Of course there’s a solution. Frizz free products are a godsend and you’ve got to admit, the monsoons would be hellish without them.

So before your hair goes all Monica Gellar from FRIENDS, here are a few products you can try to beat the frizz.

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