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Here’s How To Nail A Pretty Daytime Makeup Look


The best cure for those mornings when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore: a vibrant pout! Just drag yourself out of bed and swipe on a pretty hue, whether pink or lilac or tangerine, and suddenly, all’s right with the world again.

Don’t believe us? You’ve got to try it for yourself! And with this easy 5-step makeup look, you’ll have a full face that’s perfect for sunny days – or to brighten up gloomy ones even. Happy day!


Step 1: Comb Them Out

The first step to perfect brows? Combing them out to see where exactly they need to be filled in. Use a spoolie and brush up and out to prime them.


Step 2: Fill Them In

Use an angular brush to fill in your brows with a dark brown matte shadow – makes it super easy to maneuver.


Step 3: Mascara, Mascara

Time for decadent lashes! The holy trinity for mascara: the innermost lashes are brushed inwards and out, upward and out for the front lashes and outward for the outermost ones. And the best way to really hope your eyes up and get that on-trend babydoll look? Never forget to coat your lower lashes!


Step 4: Contour + Highlight

For the day, all you’ll need is a a few swipes of highlighter going from the highest point of your cheekbones diagonally up, and just a dash of contour right below it in the cheek hollows going towards the ear. Keep it simple!

Here’s a step-by-step on how to highlight your face courtesy Sabrina Suhail.


Step 5: Pout Party

Now for the best part: swipe on the happiest shade of lipstick! We used a happy pink here and lined the lips as well, for more definition and staying power.

Have a nice day!


Payal at Prasad Bidapa Model Management photographed by Gokul Rao Kadam.

Makeup by Sabrina Suhail. 





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