Here’s Why The CIA Is Funding This Skincare Brand

Naaila Khan

Here’s something that’s going to put some bang in your skincare regime: the CIA is now collecting people’s DNA in what actually seems like the easiest way possible – through an exfoliator! Well, welcome to 2016.

Not many people know the Central Intelligence Agency has a venture capital arm called In-Q-Tel that provides venture funding to tech firms that help develop solutions that the CIA and other intelligence agencies can use. For example, it invests in computer and satellite technologies like the pre-Google Google Earth.

But looks like the CIA is now also interested in your skin health! The Intercept reports that In-Q-Tel has also invested in a company called Skincential Sciences, best known for the skincare brand Clearista, that rests on science and patented formulas for beautiful skin.

Here comes the interesting part: the brand’s star product, the Retexturizing Gel, that promises to clear out skin imperfections otherwise 'achievable only with chemical peels and expensive lasers”' according to the website, is also capable of taking off a thin outer layer of skin full of biomarkers that can be used for things like DNA collection. While we don’t exactly know how, why and what else, these biomarkers can apparently be used for crime-scene identification or in some form of drug testing, according to Russ Lebovitz, the CEO of Skincential Sciences. It is the largest organ of the human body, after all.

Government intelligence aside, he also says it "takes skin texture from linen to silk" -  might be worth trying!

So hey, the next time you’re tempted to skip exfoliation, know that it can help find your killer just in case you get murdered or something. We always knew skincare was for the greater good, and now we’re sure! What a time to be alive, right?



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