How I Get Dressed : Allia Al Rufai, Celebrity Stylist

Avani Purohit

How do you get dressed? It’s a question we’re asking a bunch of cool peeps in this new series in a bid to find out who they are through their style. Next up is Bollywood celebrity stylist Allia Al Rufai. 

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Look 1: Dress: Elisabetta Franchi. Jacket: Balmain X H&M. Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Look 2: Dress: H&M Conscious. Sneakers: Adidas Originals

Look 3: Shirt: Tela. Skirt: Greyhound. Shoes: Alexander McQueen


1/12 How would you describe your style aesthetic?

Modern, minimal chic and edgy on some days.


2/12 How do you decide what to wear every morning?

Well, it’s based on what kind of a day it is. If it’s a work day, I have a uniform of sorts. On other days the weather and my mood reflect in my sartorial choice. For example, if it's a warm day I prefer wearing a dress or skirt. I love layering and have an obsession with jackets so winter time is a lot of fun. When I dress according to my mood..period week is almost black everyday! And if I’m ecstatic I wear colourful prints, otherwise I mostly like to stick to neutrals.


3/12 Favourite article of clothing at the moment and why?

Wow. This keeps changing. But overall I would have to say it’s a jacket. I always have one handy as I always get cold easily. A pair of Oxford style patent ankle boots from Carven is my current favourite.


4/12 Karl Lagerfeld favours black and white at all times, Carolina Herrera has the crisp white shirt if you had to have a uniform, what would it be?

I have a work uniform. Most work days I’m in and out of studios and on location. My work uniform consist of joggers a vest and a stylish jacket. I work with a neutral palette – grey, navy, white, black or beige. I usually get my basics from T by Alexander Wang  the stuff is great!



5/12 How do you shop? Impulse while travel? Figure it out by calendar? Do you go through look books? Look at other peoples outfits?

Well, this is kind of the wrong question to ask a stylist.  I’m constantly tuned in with what’s trendy or what’s in or out for the next season. Also, fortunately I’m very blessed to be a model size so shopping for me is a very easy task. I mostly shop when I travel. When you shop on most days for a living, your choices for yourself are very well thought of.


6/12 Where do you draw your outfit inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everything - nature, street style, design, architecture. I’m hugely inspired by modernism and the Scandinavian way of life.


7/12 What do you read / watch / consume to stay updated on the latest trends?

Again, being a stylist, this is a daily exercise for me. I’m always updated with the shows and fashion news weather is WWD or Vogue.com.


8/12 Your biggest fashion faux pas?

I once tried wearing a sari. Let's say by the end of the night I had myself and a few meters of fabric to carry around too!


9/12 Living person do you draw inspiration from, sartorially?

I absolutely love Christine Centenera. She has a sophisticated edge about her style that I really identify with.


10/12 Most precious thing youve ever bought?

My most special buy was a vintage canvas Celine clutch from 1980 it was on my wish list for a while. And when I finally walked into a vintage store in Côte d’Azur, there it was sitting on a shelf.


11/12 Whats the one store you shop at the most? What do you usually buy?

My current favourite is &other stories. I also love Acne. I buy everything. No really.


12/12 Style tip?

Keep things modern. Less is more.



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Photographed by Shovona Kamarkar.



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