How I Get Dressed: Karuna Laungani Of Indie Label JODI

Komal Basith

How do you get dressed? It’s a question we’re asking cool a bunch of cool peeps in this new series in a bid to find out who they are through their style. First up – Karuna Laungani, stylist and one half of adorable new indie fashion label JODI.

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Outfit 1: Printed ,Top Zara. Hand Blocked Printed Ink Culottes, Jodi. Sunglasses, Zara. Outfit 2: Denim Tunic Dress, Zara. Patchwork Reversible Jacket, Crow. Vintage Silver Necklace, Sagar Jewellers, Pune.  Outfit 3Handblocked Olive Peasant Dress, Jodi. Wooden Earrings, Zara. Leather Sandals, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok. Photographed by Shovona Karmakar.

1/9 What do you do?

I’m a fashion and costume stylist; I style campaigns, movies and editorials. I also co-own JODI with my partner Gauri. It’s our baby – a fashion and lifestyle label that works with Indian crafts to produce clothing and accessories with graphic prints and bold colours. I guess you could call it Indian high street with a heart.

2/9 How do you decide what to wear every morning?

It depends on my day and my mood. I start with a key piece and then pair pieces that go best with it. I love jewellery, so sometimes I’ll select a statement piece and then work the clothes around that.

3/9 How do you shop?

I’m a pretty impulsive shopper. I’m always most excited when I’m discovering a new brand or shopping in local markets when I travel. I buy a lot of stuff at craft exhibitions, because they have great textiles and accessories.

I love shopping online – there are some really amazing Indian brands online now – Nete.in has a great mix of new indie brands, and Cord Studio’s bags are so chic. I shop at Jaypore.com for vintage silver jewellery, and the TheSecretLabel.com has a good mix of brands. And for high street stuff, Asos.com never lets me down.

4/9 What inspires your outfits?

I kinda just go with what works for me – I find Indian and international street style pretty inspiring. I feel like we have such a diverse culture here that the locals dress much better than the city folk, you know? I love how they dress in the North East – the way they layer their textiles and their clothes is so clever.

I look at sites like Pinterest, The Coveteur, TheSelby.com, Humans of New York and lots of magazines – Russh, Rookiemag.com, that kind of stuff. And Edward Enniful at W magazine styles the most surreal, inspiring shoots.

5/9 What are you most excited about in fashion right now?

There’s been a surge of really cool local brands and designers who are doing a great job of using Indian textiles and crafts with a modern, unique approach – and they’re affordable! I love Karishma Shahani, Cord, Anokhi, Crow, Kichu & Sole Sisters. I’d always rather buy pieces that have been made ethically, and young Indian designers are doing such a great job with it.

6/9 Who do you follow on Instagram?

Eva Chen, Leandra Medine, thecollecteur, illustrator Laura Callaghan.

7/9 What’s the most crazy expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

This metallic sequined vintage 80s blouse from London.  

8/9 Is there something you’d never wear?

All black. So boring. Yawn.

9/9 What is your biggest fashion regret?

Well, when I was in junior college I wore Lycra tops with jeans and 6inch platform heels. I'm not proud of it.  


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