How I Get Dressed: Krishna Mukhi, Fashion Editor At Harper’s Bazaar India

Avani Purohit

How do you get dressed? It’s a question we’re asking cool a bunch of cool peeps in this new series in a bid to find out who they are through their style. Next up is Krishna Mukhi, fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar India and stylist to Bollywood A-listers and supermodels alike. 


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Look 1: Dress and Trench, Aarti Vijay Gupta. Sunglasses, Chanel. Bag, Cord. Shoes, Spy Love Buy

Look 2: Jacket, Meraki Project. Vest, VeroModa. Culottes, Zara. Sunglasses, Vintage. Necklace, VeroModa. Clutch, The Source. Shoes, Koovs.

Look 3: Top and Skirt, The Jodi Life. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Charles and Keith. 


1/10 What’s your style like? 

I like to have fun with clothes; that’s probably why I chose this career path. I love graphic prints, patterns and stripes, and I enjoy mixing them up. I guess you could say my style is a mix of mismatched separates and unusual layers - it’s mismatched and grunge-y, but the silhouettes are always classic and fuss free.


2/10 How do you decide what to wear every morning?

Like most people, I think it depends on my mood. Some days I really want to dress up, and when that happens I lay all my clothes out the night before with all the accessories to match. And then on some days I’m rushing to work and just wear whatever catches my eye in my wardrobe. Comfort is important, as is dressing for the weather in Bombay.


3/10 Which article of clothing are you really loving at the moment?

I’ve had a pair of customised silk palazzo pants for a few years now, and they’re perfect for the summer – they’re lightweight and in a breezy silhouette that works for pretty much any occasion, because they go from day to night without much ado.


4/10 How do you shop?

I’m such an impulsive shopper – I own so much stuff that I’ve just worn once! I shop when I travel, although it’s more like I travel so I can shop. I try to stay updated with trends, but it’s important to analyse which ones fit into your personal style aesthetic before you set out to shop.

5/10 Where does your outfit inspiration come from?

I grew up in the 90s and I was super influenced by grunge-pop culture – I admired Gwen Stefani’s style so much. I’m all about feminine or playful separates with unconventional layers.


6/10 How do you stay updated with what’s cool at the moment?

My job keeps me pretty busy when it comes to what’s trendy, so that helps. Style.com is a bible for pretty much anyone in my field, and I flip through magazines every week, although I’m not much of a reader. It’s more about the images for me.

Attending fashion week helps, and I watch a lot of TV shows online – Peaky Blinders, Sex and the City, that kind of thing. And it’s all about the Instagram – I follow Vogue Italia, Modelsdot, Man Repeller, Erikmadiganheck, Streeterslondon and Harper’s Bazaar España.

7/10 What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

A pair of sunglasses from Prada.


8/10 What’s the one store you shop at the most?

Asos.com and H&M – they both have a petite line that fits me just right. I’m petite, so I have trouble finding my size at most brands, to be honest.


9/10 Are there any colours you’d never wear?

I try and stay away from pink, unless it’s powder pink or like, an onion pink. I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked the colour. I think it might have to do with the whole gender associations attached to pink – I never wore it while I was growing up, because my style’s more androgynous.


10/10 Do you have any fashion rules?

It’s more of a tip – always invest in good accessories. A pair of shoes can make or break a look.



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Photographed by Shovona Karmakar.


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