How I Get Dressed: Makeup Artist Elton Fernandez


How do you get dressed? It’s a question we’re asking bunch of cool peeps in this new series in a bid to find out who they are through their style. Next up is Elton Fernandez, makeup artist and YouTuber extraordinaire.

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1/9 What do you love most about what you do?

That I get to make an earnest living off the things that make me most happy.

2/9 How do you decide what to wear every morning?

I literally get dressed at the last minute. I don’t really iron my clothes, so I try to pull out things that don’t need any. (Laughs) I change things up at the last minute though because I change my mind pretty often.

3/8 What are you most inspired by, style-wise?

I just love good sensible design. I dont care for bright colours, bold patterns and prints. I love elegant clothes, but there’s got to be something edgy about it. And I’m either really loving loose, comfortable clothing or strong silhouettes at any given moment.

Love my necklace!

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4/8 How do you shop?

I buy what I don’t need, and I need what I don’t buy. It’s ridiculous. At any given point, I have a handful of clothes that still have their price tags. I shop all the time – at casual street corners, online, at department stores. I try not to look at designer lookbooks or anything of the sort for inspiration because then I know I’d buy too much. 

5/8 Karl Lagerfeld has black and white, Carolina Herrera has the crisp white shirt and Thom Browne has the power suit – what would your fashion uniform look like?

A long black kurta, high-waisted white Samurai pants, a dupatta, indian vintage oxidised jewellery and a black bindi.

6/8 What do you do to stay updated with trends? Do you read much?

I’m a failed reader – trust me, I’ve tried, but reading puts me to sleep! Literally. I hate that about myself. But I have a bunch of friends who are between 18 and 25 and they’re all so savvy that they’re kind of my way of having my finger on the pulse.


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7/8 What’s the most crazy expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

I recently bought this gorgeous customized knitted kimono from Obaitamu in Bombay. It cost me close to Rs. 60,000! I don’t normally drop bombs like that on clothes, but this kimono begged to be worn – and then begged to be bought.

8/8 Is there something you’d never wear?

I’m against killing animals for their fur.


As told to Komal Basith.
Photographed by Shovona Karmakar.


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