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How To Dress Like The Gucci Girl


Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele has already kicked up a storm. 6 months since he took the reigns, 66 looks on the Pre-Spring/Summer ’16 runway, and one unanimous response: the (not so) new guy’s here to stay. Why so? It’s not so much that Michele has dug into Gucci’s sartorial archives and reworked them in a whole new take that pays homage to the brand’s vintage gems but also feels like it’s crisp off the press, but more that he’s created an upgraded persona for the Gucci girl – and we quite like her!

If we had to describe her in two words, we’d say ‘nerdy chic’, but she’s so much more – she’s the adorably gawky, bespectacled girl reading Kafka while sipping on a latte at a little-known boutique café (no Starbucks for this one), and takes frequent breaks daydreaming about how bumping into her soulmate would exactly play out; she also spends her free time bird watching. The luxe collection was all about the details and embellishments – trompe l'oeil ruffles and bows, comical oversized specs and ludicrous costume jewellery. To further elaborate, here’s how to dress like the Gucci girl of 2016:

1. You’re ultra feminine, romantic and dreamy, so floral prints and patterns, sheer silk blouses, skirts of every length and shape, and bows in any size are common occurrences in your wardrobe.

2. You don’t dress to go a place, you dress for the streets. Mixing prints, bright colours, layering garments – nothing scares you. You love flora and fauna and your clothes will often bear elaborate motifs of these.

3. There are two types of people in this world – those who accessorize, and those who don’t. You’re a fine example of the latter, and your fineries make up most of your outfit. Whether it’s geeky glasses, berets, corsages, headscarves, gloves with their tips off, loafers with studded heels or ‘Feline’ inspired handbags – you’ll expertly pile them all on.

Need some more inspiration? Check out some of our favourite moments from the show and stuff that you can buy that’ll seem like you borrowed from the Gucci girl’s wardrobe!


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