Your 30-Day Calendar For Party Ready Skin By New Year's Eve!

Naaila Khan

We’re not sure what your track record has been with new year resolutions (think that was a resounding “not great”), but what we do believe in is acting now for immediate results! So instead of stowing away your dream skin goals for the first day of next year (who are you kidding?), we thought we’d chart out a plan for you to have the best skin of your life come new year’s eve! After all, a flawless face makes a great canvas to get party-ready, and to reign in a new year with.

Tick these off your 30-day skin calendar, starting today:


1/2 Sched the Experts

First things first: get your derm appointments in order before anything else. Persistent acne? Hyperpigmentation or rosacea? Planning to get your skin lasered (read this first) or thinking about getting injectables? Whatever your long term skin issue, it will usually involve blood tests, frequent sittings and follow-ups to sort these out from the root, so start early (this should help!).


2/2 Ditch the Coffee, Up the H2O

This could be a real challenge for many of us who can’t get by without a latte or a smoke, but hey, go hard or go home, right? Every time you inhale smoke, you’re cutting off oxygen supply to your skin, and each puff releases a trillion free radicals that ultimately leads to wrinkly skin, so you get the drift.

And if you want preternaturally glowing skin, start knocking back the h2o starting day one! Drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day without fail is the best way to do it. Just stock your desk at work with two full bottles every morning and aim to finish them by the end of the day.

Finally, ditch the beans and dairy! Retire that Starbucks card unless you want acidic caffeine to mess with your stress hormones which control your skin’s oil production, and dehydrate your skin. Dairy is probably giving you pimples, so try cutting that off from your diet too. Also, lactose is a sugar and you know how sugar and skin don’t get along famously.


3/3 Sunscreen!

You better have been living under a rock if you aren’t using sunscreen already! Sun exposure is your number one enemy, which means step one to youthful skin: reapplication of sunscreen every few hours, starting now, into next year, until your last day on earth.


1/2 Serum Up

A long term solution to shielding against the sun’s exploits? Antioxidant serum! Keep skin cancer, premature wrinkling, and sunspots at bay pairing sunscreen with an antioxidant serum. Antioxidants help combat infrared radiation from the sun and highly effective antioxidant serums with ferulic acid, vitamin C or E are your best bet. Here we rounded up the best serums money can buy!


2/2 A Retinoid A Night

Consider starting with retinol – it’s among the most effective anti-aging ingredients on the market. A topical retinoid not only stimulates your body to produce more collagen – always a good thing – but over time, they can also change the surface of your skin by quickening the cell turnover rate and evening out pigmentation. You could also amp up the effect of your serum by coupling it with a dermaroller, but start early.

Lots of upsides but we’d definitely recommend checking with your dermat before you start using one of these, because they can be pretty strong. This should help you figure out a nighttime skin regime for yourself!


1/2 Facial Phile

By week 3, you should be all set to treat your mug: enter facials!

As super derm Kiran Lohia told us, don’t be afraid to try: “Once every three weeks or so, I’d recommend doing a photo facial or a facial with an antiaging laser. People are scared of lasers for some reason; they think that they’ll damage your skin but on the contrary, lasers are wonderful for your skin. They boost collagen synthesis so they make you look younger and stay younger. They can also get rid of any signs of aging that you might already have.” So there.

If your skin is extremely dehydrated, looks flaky and can’t absorb moisture, the oxygen facial is a good idea. The oxygen helps push antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, deep into your pores, to give you an instant glow. 


2/2 Peel Is Key

Exfoliation is key to fresh, youthful skin, and without regular scrubbing, dead skin cells will pile up and manifest into fine lines and dullness. A quick lactic acid or salicylic acid peel lightly exfoliates, not only removing dead skin, but also encouraging new fat, healthy cells to surface.

Make sure your last facial, laser treatment or in-office chemical peel is about now, so your skin has enough time to recover. You don’t want any nasty blotches and burns last minute.


1/3 Slather Away

While you might think this is a no-brainer, the benefits of being sufficiently moisturised all the time is quite underrated - it can actually make a huge difference in your skin’s radiance, evenness, and texture. Besides protecting it from environmental factors, a regular slathering of lotion on your face and body helps give off that rosy glow you’re dreaming about.

If you have dry skin, look for ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture, and ingredients like niacinamide or ferulic acid for light moisturization on oilier skin.


2/2 Mask Task

New year’s eve is finally here (hypothetically) and your skin is already looking up! One last finishing touch for that surge of brightness? A Korean sheet mask! These skin superheroes are loved everywhere for their quick skin pick-me-up ability, and they’re gloriously fun and easy to use. There’s a whole range of sheet masks out there, from snail slime to caviar, so go to town. Have yourself a bright and radiant New Year’s eve!




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