The Mermaid Makeup Trend You've Got To Try At Least Once

Anushka Mulchandani

Are you all set to look like Ariel?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wanting to be a mermaid was pretty much every little girl’s dream growing up. I don’t know about you but the thought of that gorgeous cascading hair, bright blue eyes and an iridescent fishtail to match was on top of my wish list as an 8 year old. All I can say now is, thank God for makeup!

We’ve seen the mermaid makeup trend dotted all over social media in the last few months and to some people it may come across as more of a Halloween look, but you can’t deny how stunning it would look with a billowing white dress to match.

YouTuber and makeup artist, Melissa Alatorre even has a tutorial to help you get the look:

Of course it would be crazy to have your lips, contour, highlights, collar bones and shoulders in aqua tones on a regular day, but you’ve got to admit, the eyes alone look stunning!

It’s just like doing a shaded, smoky eye but instead of working with black and grey, you’re using green, blue and silver.

You could even give it a purple tint if you’re in a more unicorn mood and the end result is guaranteed to look mesmerizing.

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If you still feel like you can’t wear it outside, at least take a photo. Just think of how many likes it’ll get you on Instagram!

Here are some of the products Melissa used and some more you can try: 

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