How To Stay Fit On Holiday


Fact: working out on holiday seems counterintuitive. But consider this: how many times have you spent hours at the gym in anticpation of your holiday only to find yourself getting out of shape as soon as you hit your destination, thanks to all that planned relaxation (read: drinking, eating, and generally partying)? We’re all about working out for its own sake (and for the countless benefits that include so much more than a holiday-ready body year round), but we get it – who wants to think about the gym when you’re enjoying a balmy sunset on the beach with a margarita in your hand?

That’s why we’ve put together a list of gym-less exercies you can do in your hotel room – no equpiment required! They’ll help you get a quick workout in and maintain your long term fitness goals, all without disrupting that super relaxing vacation you’ve been planning all year.

Try and do 10 reps of each exercise to make one cicuit, and three circuits in total, which should take you about 20 minutes. 

Photographed by Komal Basith.


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