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How To Nail Chic Dressing in 2017

Meghana Rabindranath

In a world full of extra, be classic

As we evolve, our ideas of nearly everything are also constantly changing and the change is rather apparent, thanks to the reach of social media. We’re constantly moving to the next best thing. From fishnet stockings to oversized sweaters, trends come and go. But a look that never goes out of style is being classy or dressing chic. You can be classic like Audrey Hepburn with a little black dress and pearls or be klassy like a Kardashian with slick back hair and an all white ensemble.

We know the concept of modern day classics is a contradiction in itself but dressing chic and sophisticated in 2017 goes beyond just style. It’s all about being well informed, outfits being well planned and knowing when and how to wear these ensembles. Perfect textures, suitable colours and a heavy hint of originality is all it takes to be classy this year. But some things don't change so make sure your clothes fit well, your nails are well manicured and bare it all only if you have to.

But here are some foolproof ways to nail the chic looks this year. 

Walk All Over Them

All the stylist’s and magazines weren’t lying when they stressed the importance of good shoes as an outfit clincher. This year is all about clear heels and fur loafers and they pretty much go with every outfit and every occasion so we promise they are worth the investment. But if you aren’t big on trends and rather opt for a timeless shoe we suggest a sleek kitten heel that works well for all occasions. For a chic look opt for pointed heels or formal loafers (which means no faux fur) in dark colours.


Make A Statement

A statement piece is the evidence of a well-balanced wardrobe. No closet is complete without that signature piece.  Ranging from a Harry Winston neckpiece to a Fenty puff jacket (looking at you, Riri). It could be anything personally appealing to you but, make sure it’s complimenting your outfit. This year it’s all about statement earrings to pep up an outfit. A pair of rose gold chandelier earrings with slick back hair is the way to achieve a sleek look.


The Spirit Minimal

So we know we just talked about statement pieces, but this is literally the best and easiest way to keep it classy. Keeping your outfits minimal and monotone. A burst of a signature ‘out there’ piece is always allowed (once in a while) but for the most of it keeping is simple is winning. Victoria Beckham is the best example we can give you: white on white, black on black with some pumps and of course those darn shades. Accessories aren’t necessary but if you're the type, go for small delicate pieces that will really just add to the class. 


Unique Like Everybody Else

When you find your personal style you look great and feel confident. Whether you prefer fast fashion, a boho look, high fashion or minimal you can make your style look classy when the occasion calls for it. Much like a statement piece, your unique style brings something new to being classy, and that is being original. Even if you don’t fit into the general 'chic standards' a confident person with unique fashion taste will always get a second look and hey, you might even start a trend yourself. You do you, girl.                                                 


Be Shady

Don't be afraid to sport those shades on all occasions. Even when you're inside and even when it's dark out. Your eyes will adjust eventually. Besides, sunglasses are way easier to put on than eye makeup. Take lessons from the Olsen twins and qween Anna Wintour who are constantly spotted in the frow with super chic shades. They make you look instantly cooler, so invest wisely. With the future so bright, you got to wear shades amirite?


Live The Layer Life

Layering is the new class act. Everyone knows if you can layer like a pro, you're a real fashion girl and with the weather constantly fluctuating, we're not complaining about this trend. Pull an Amal Clooney with an all mono colour look or a Hailey Baldwin with gingham prints. But the key is to match textures, prints and colours to achieve the perfect classic look. 


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