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8 Women With Instagram Accounts To Die For


Get ready to double tap away!

Tell us if any of this sounds familiar. Your alarm rings in the morning and the first thing you do once you’ve turned the pesky thing off is hit the Instagram icon on your phone. Once you’re done scrolling till as far back as it takes you, you head to your favorite accounts, just to see what the people who own it are up to. Living vicariously through their Insta page has become some sort of a habit and you’re constantly trying to figure out where they found those picture-perfect pancakes or selfie-worthy pout.

Rings a bell? We picked out eight such accounts whose owners are some of the coolest women out there. From bloggers, fashion directors to property developers and actors – there’s a bit of everyone.

Eva Chen

Director of Fashion, Instagram

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

Her signature pose is almost legendary and thousands of girls try to recreate it every day. Tell us, have you tried the Eva Chen pose yet? – Backseat of a car, handbag, shoes, fruit et al?


Shay Mitchell

Actor & YouTuber

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

You know her from Pretty Little Liars, but I feel like being on Instagram is her true calling. One glance at her feed and you’ll be wishing you were her. Sigh; let her pictures do it for now.


Roopal Patel

Fashion Director, Saks Fifth Avenue

A video posted by Roopal Patel (@roopal_patel) on

Not only does she attend all the shows at fashion week, she’s also at every important party out there, shooting cute boomerang videos with designers all while wearing the most enviable clothes. Perks of the job? Hell, yes!


Chiara Ferragni

Blogger & Entrepreneur

She’s a blogger, has her own label and brand partnerships you could only dream of. So of course, her Instagram page is #goals.


Athiya Shetty


If you’re not familiar with the name, clearly you’ve been living under a massive rock. Athiya Shetty is a Bollywood actor but if she ever wanted a change of career, being a fulltime Instagram star would be perfect for her.


Allia Al Rufai

Celebrity Stylist

Ok sure, she meets and dresses a hell of a lot of stunning Bollywood celebrities. But sometimes when you’re scrolling through her page, you start wondering who the real celeb is! Yes there’s a lot of fashion in her posts but it’s all mixed with some travel, food and party pictures to die for!


Anooshe Mussarat

Property Developer

A photo posted by Anooshe (@anooshemussarat) on

I first came across Anooshe’s Instagram when Sonam Kapoor tagged her in a few photos. So no, I don’t know too much about her, just that she’s got amazing style mixed in with some major aesthetically pleasing shots on Instagram. Go see!


Ashley Madekwe

Actor & Blogger

Another TV star on the list is Ashley Madekwe. If you watched Revenge as much as I did, you sometimes kept a closer eye on her clothes than the plot of the show. Her Instagram is a refection of her style and as expected, it’s hella’ good!

By Anuskha Mulchandani


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